Anxiety is something that many people struggle with, especially around hurricane season in New Orleans. However, there are ways for a person to help manage his or her anxiety. However, the first thing a person needs to do to manage his or her anxiety is to know exactly what the source of the anxiety is.
A person needs to know what is causing his or her anxiety, whether it is financial, impending natural disaster, or an overload of responsibilities. Once a person knows what the source of his or her anxiety is, he or she can do decide if a situation that he or she can take control of or if it is out of his or her hands, such as weather. If it is a situation that is under a person’s control, he or she can make a list and write down things he or she can do to resolve the situation; however, if it is something out of a person’s control there are things that still can be done to get the anxiety under control.
First thing to do is to just focus what is going on today and not tomorrow because tomorrow will get here soon enough. Many support groups tell people to take one day at a time, so just focus on today and each day learn a new way to deal with anxiety. Additionally, stay active when experiencing anxiety.
If a person is experiencing anxiety, keep active. Take a walk with a friend, go shopping with a friend, or anything to keep active because when a person is experiencing anxiety, if he or she is active that will help release built-up tension and help regulate the neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, in the brain. However if a person’s anxiety gets out of control where it is affecting his or her daily functions, please seek medical treatment.
If a person lives in New Orleans and he or she needs help for anxiety, there is the St. Thomas Community Health Center. The address for St. Thomas is 1020 St. Andrew St. and the phone number is 504-529-5558. There are also additional resources for people with anxiety that live in the New Orleans area.