My husband is in the ADMAX facility in Florence, CO, where they send “terrorist” or the worst prisoners and my husband has not done anything to be sent there. When I write the BOP for explanations, I keep getting different ones. However, this is why my husband and I think the BOP and government is putting him in these conditions and trying to come up with sorry excuses, like internet posts on websites, to hold him 15 more years past his approved parole date.

The F.B.I. has been to question my husband several times on different cases; however, my husband would not talk to the F.B.I.  The F.B.I. tried to even frighten Gary into talking to them; however, this did not work. However, every time my husband refused to talk he would get transferred to a different facility, each facility worse than the one before. He was even beat up by correctional officers in the Atlanta prison. Right before each transfer, the F.B.I would come to him and when he refused to talk, he would be transferred. The BOP even put a fraud escape plot investigation on Gary to make these transfers look like they were necessary. My husband would never try to escape from prison and he has been in solitary confinement for over 12 years now! He has applied for step-down to get into a medium security prison over and over but is always denied, even though he takes all the classes required and has no write-ups. Gary has not had one write-up in 6 years before they started transferring him and had a perfect conduct and work record. They are doing this and trying to revoke his approved parole date in retaliation!

My husband has been beaten, starved, and treated cruelly. He has been in solitary confinement for many years and all becuase he will not be a rat! However, my husband still stands strong and does not give in to the F.B.I, Department of Justice, or Bureau of Prisons. My husband has done more than his time and deserves to come home. Most murderers do not do 25 years in prison and my husbands charges were nothing along those lines. The government is scared of my husband and the truth that he knows; however, my husband just wants to come home and live a quiet life with our family. He has done his part to get the truth out there, so he is no longer going to be doing any of that once released. I am posting pictures of my husband when he got beaten by correctional officers in Atlanta.

Yarbrough beaten in Atlanta