No letter from my Gary today so I am just sitting here and thinking. I worry about him a lot when I do not hear from him, even though I know he has been busy filing remedies and working on his case because he wants to come home. How much longer can they hold my husband? They let child molesters and rapists go free to harm and hurt others when people like my husband do not want to hurt anybody. He just fought for the truth; therefore, the government and Bureau of Prisons would rather hold him in prison than a rapist or a child molester, which makes me absolutely sick.

Before I got with my husband, I worked for the correctional system for many years and I know of the corruption in the prison system, which one day when I have time I will sit down and write and talk about the corruption in the prison system, even though many people do not want to hear the truth. The Bureau of Prisons and the government is trying to kill my husband and this I know. With the circumstances of David Lane’s death and Bruce Pierce’s death, they should be more careful of how they treat Gary, but I know they do not care if they kill him.

Please show your support for my husband and the beliefs he fought for.