I have been trying so hard to fight for my husband’s freedom and it literally consumes me because I know he needs to be free. Gary Yarbrough has already done over the amount of time that was recommended for him and has already paid the price for what he did. Can you imagine sacrificing your family and home for your beliefs? Would you or could you do that? Gary and many others have and they have also paided the price.

My husband has been in solitary maximum security conditions for over 11 years? Could you maintain your sanity doing this? Or even doing over 25 years in prison as he has? Has this not come to cruel and unusual punishment yet? Over 25 years in prison and over 11 years of that spent in a solitary cell with only one hour outside in a small fenced in area 5 days a week. However, Gary is lucky if he gets his hour outside in the rec cage 3 days a week. Can you imagine sacrificing your whole life for your beliefs? How can the prison system hold Gary simply on his beliefs anymore? Who has done over 25 years for those charges? Nobody!!!!! Richard Kemp and Gary had the same charges and Richard Kemp is a free man today! This is disparity! How can they hold my husband longer on the same charges? They say my husband has “association” because of posts people made on the internet about him; however, Kemp was a very active writer and leader of the Odinic movement in prison, yet he is free! I have nothing against Kemp…it is the Bureau of Prisons and the government that I have something against! My husband is in an ADMAX facility and has no computer access and he CANNOT control what people post about him on forums!