I finally got a letter from my honey today…he mailed it off around the 20th and I just now got it today. I hate when SIS and the BOP messes with his mail like that. I worry about Gary and they have no reason to be holding his mail like that. For example, when it snowed here last winter in Louisiana, I sent Gary pictures of it and he did not get them until almost spring. Sometimes he will not get my letters until they have been mailed off for a month. We have to number or letters so we know if any letters have been taken.

How they are treating Gary breaks my heart and he has to be a strong man, mentally and physically, to withstand all he has in the last 25 years. I know I would have broken a long time ago. However, when is the BOP and government going to accept that Gary is not going to debrief and give up his beliefs? America was established on freedoms, yet my husband is being denied his and being kept in prison because of his beliefs and who he is. I feel so helpless sometimes…as if I can talk and let people know what is going on, yet sometimes it seems not to do any good. Do people realize this could be them one day? Imprisonment because of his or her beliefs? The government is corrupt…they have set up many people because of his or her beliefs. We need to get back control of our freedoms before we no longer have them and we are all sitting in prison.