Another week without correspondance from Gary…I just love the way they hold back our mail for weeks at a time. I expected this though when I started turning up the heat on them and what they are doing to Gary. Gary has already been held over his recommended time. Then the beating in Atlanta and now the violation of his Constitutional rights. I will not give up though. NO matter what they do, my love and support for my husband will stay strong. They might affect our written communication but they cannot tear our hearts and souls apart. I will remain strong for my husband. Being a former correctional officer, even though it was for the state, I know how the justice system works and it is NOT fair. Especially now that I am married to a prisoner, it can be damaging to him.

When I lasted visited Gary in September, a correctional officer at ADMAX harassed Gary after our visit. This correctional officer told Gary I was to young for him and asked questions about the baby (which is my daughter’s but I have permanent legal custody). Then went around telling the other correctional officers at that facility that I was a former correctional officer, which puts Gary at risk.

I will continue fighting for my husband until he is free or until I draw my last breath, which ever comes first.