Would you be able to give up your freedom to try to secure freedom for people you do not even know or for your own family and children, knowing you will either die or go to prison for possibly the rest of your life? When I ask Gary if he has any regrets he says he did what he had to do to secure a future for his children and other white children. And, now these children are grown up and cannot even give up a few cups of coffee or a couple of beers to donate $5.00 a month to get this man an attorney so he can come home? I do not have the heart to tell the man this. People have given and I call these true people because they probably did not have the money to give but they did anyways…and Gary and I are thankful.

Put yourself in Gary’s shoes…would you want people to sacrifice a few small things so you could come home after you had sacrificed your whole life? Gary sacrificed his life not expecting anything in return but as folk, we should want to help him! I recently got a letter from a prisoner who sold his only source of entertainment (which is expensive to buy in prison) his television, to help Gary. What does that say about us free people. How many times do you eat out a week or buy beer? Things that Gary has not seen in 26 years? Put yourself in his shoes and things he has went without for 26 years. I am not judging people, but if people put their weekend beer before a heroes freedom, well something is not right here….I know times are hard, but if you stop and think about how many times you go out to eat or how many times to stop to buy a cup of coffee…these are things that Gary has not had in 26 years. He has not even seen the outside of a cage in 11 years….

Please take a few dollars and sacrifice it to bring Gary home to his family by donating to hillman1219@hotmail.com at paypal