A few days ago I received Gary’s handwritten account of how he had been mistreated and tried to be set-up in diffferent way by the Bureau of Prisons over the last 26 years, and all I can say is “Wow.” I am amazed that my husband is still alive. I am waiting for his call to see if I can post any of this because it does show how corrupt the Bureau of Prisons is and how he has been mistreated. It does show that because he would not “rat” or tell the FBI anything that he was sent to worse prisons and that because he filed rememdies for being mistreated by correctional officers that he was beaten by other officers. My husband is truly a strong man and is a hero in my eyes for staying strong and true. The more I go through his paperwork, the more I am amazed at how strong my husband has been. If people cwould see how strong my husband has been, they would see the true hero he has been regardless of what he has done for our folk.

I do believe in my heart that my husband will be home one day, especially with the information that I have now. What the Bureau of Prisons has put him through is truly Cruel and Unusual Punishment and now all we have to do is prove it and I WILL find a way to prove it. If any of you Deparment of Justice guys find my blog…believe my words…I WILL FIND A WAY TO PROVE HOW YOU HAVE TREATED MY HUSBAND AND GET HIM HOME!