Wow! When I seen that Don pulled in a total of  $5282.00 for November alone. Can you imagine pulling that in every month? These people are sending him donations every month and he says he needs them to keep Stormfront going? Don, let’s see the expense list…show it to these people. I have known many webmasters and they never had a cost like that. White folk are out here struggling to keep gas in their cars, to keep their lights on, and to keep their children fed and you make that kind of money off a website? And, you keep begging for more? I would not give you a penny. As a matter of fact, since you helped get my husband this 15 year hit, you need to apply some of that money to his legal fund.

Here is a link to what Black made in November

Additionally, you were given a house and your wife works? Plus she donates to non-white charities? Why are you not helping out white folk? There is more and more that I am finding out about you that equals not right. I am just waiting on that paperwork from Gary, which should be here any day 🙂