People cannot even imagine the torture that Gary has been through. He has been beaten and not been given proper medical care. That is not the only torture he has been through. He is has been in solitary and extreme solitary for most of his 30 years in prison. He hasn’t had a write up in years. Why are they so afraid of Gary? I would love to know. He is older and his arthritis almost cripples him. They say they do this for his own protection? Really? I think they are afraid and are trying to protect themselves and dish out torture to a man they hate. They call Gary a “white supremacist,” but who is showing hate? Not Gary, that is for sure.

I haven’t heard from Gary since Friday, which makes me worry. I know what they really want. They want to see him 6-feet-under or else break him. They tease him with freedom and then rip that away. After 30 years in solitary, teasing with freedom and then taking it away is way passed torture. He just wants to come home and live out the last few years with his family. They have nothing to fear. They wanted us to be quiet…and we were. I disappeared and lived a quiet life. However, they have messed with my husband for the last time. I will no longer be quiet. Being quiet got us nowhere except for his mandatory release to be overlooked and denied.

I am going to try to work on an attorney. I am going to see about having shirts and such made up again; however, if anybody wants to just donate, I have a paypal: Right now I am needing $200 for an attorney to file a Freedom of Information Act for Gary so we can figure out who is doing all this and why. Your help and support would be appreciated! We need to remember those who have sacrificed their lives for us.