We now have a legal fund site up. Donations would be appreciated. I know the economy is hard right now and it is close to the holidays, but this will be continuing until we do have the money for an attorney. We ARE going to get Gary home…we just need an attorney to fight for his constitutional rights. He should have been home this month and this has been an ongoing thing since the Notice of Action in 2010, when they decided to vacate his 2014 date. Now they are refusing to give him the 30 year maximum release. Gary has been in prison for 30 years. He is not in for murder..his main charge is RICO, which has to do with organizational activity, counterfeiting, and armed robbery. Nobody was hurt in these acts. I have seen repeat offender bank robbers, child molesters, murderers, and violent people be released way before 30 years! Why do they keep Gary? Basically because they do not like who he is and what they THINK he believes! Is that a crime? I guess soon it will be.

This is one of the reasons that fighting this is so important. This could affect the future of folk as a whole. We could end up with complete loss of the ability to associate with who we chose or the right to have our own beliefs. We need to show these people that a person cannot be incarcerated or kept incarcerated because what they believe or even who they associate with. He don’t associate with his co-defendants, so why shouldn’t he be able to write or talk to whomever he pleases?

Helping us secure an attorney will not only help Gary, but help to show these people that we will stand up for our constitutional rights! So, if everybody who reads this donates a little…$5 or $10….we will have the money for an attorney in no time. Additionally, if anybody knows of an attorney who can practice in federal court in any state, please contact me or let me know. Thank you so much for your support!

Susan Yarbrough