Gary Yarbrough has been all around this country to be put in the worst prisons that this country has to offer…Marion, Terr Haute, ADX…and that is just to name a few. They are too many for me to keep up with. He has been in prison for 30 years, and most of that time has been spent in solitary. What the heck? He hasn’t had a write up in years. I will give the BOP a little credit. He is now out of ADX and in Florence High Security, which is a little better but not much. He is now allowed out of his cell twice a day, and allowed 3 instead of 2 phone calls a month LOL. Wow, what a big difference. They have been saying for months they were going to move him, but nothing. Gary, because of his health problems, especially because of his rheumatoid arthritis needs to be in a medical facility. They have been denying him medical care for as longer than what we have been together. This has always been an ongoing battle. Rheumatoid arthritis can kill a person, if it is not treated properly because it attacks the immune system. He has filed remedy after remedy, and it doesn’t help. They want Gary to die, but I don’t want my husband to die…I want him to come home and have a little enjoyment. But what about his mental health?

I have seen people break in solitary confinement within a few days, Gary has spend 99% of his time in solitary, including ADX, which is the worst maximum solitary prison there is. It is actually underground. He was treated worse than an animal there. Much research has been put into what long times in solitary confinement does to a person. ADX, where Gary spent a couple of years at, has been in the media for their inhumane treatment of prisoners and mental illness. Here are some links to see how horrible ADX is:

Where is Gary’s help? He didn’t get any help in any of these law suits! More than likely, he has PTSD and severe depression from all he has been through, but I do have to say he is strong. He has kept going and kept me going. He has made me laugh when things were rough out here for me. The psychology department at these prisons are a joke. They made him watch stupid films and write papers LOL. Of course, Gary is Gary and put his true beliefs in these papers. They will not brainwash Gary Yarbrough :).

We need to get an attorney to stand up for Gary’s rights and to get him help. What if your loved one was in solitary for this many years. Gary sacrificed his life for his beliefs and folk…it is time that we gave a little back to him and help him get an attorney so he can come home to enjoy his last few years. Not only that, but if we don’t fight, they will not only compromise Gary’s constitutional rights, but he is the gateway to try to compromise ours! If they get away with this with him, they will do this to other people! It is time to take a stand! Here is the legal fund page, please help us get Gary home!