Soon, the legal fund will be rolling besides the two different websites (besides this one) that have the PayPal donation button.

Heathen Inmate Outreach

Warriors Pride Glassware

I have listed some of Gary’s previously owned books on EBay. Yes, I know they are sort of pricey but they have been used by him and have notes in the sidelines. The sale of these books go to his legal fund.





All of these books are in good condition and have his notes in the sidelines. They are truly a collectible, and go towards helping him get home.

This will be the design on the shirt, and before people cry
“racist symbol” let me define the Black Sun. The Black Sun means this, “The Black Sun refers to the eclipse of consciousness in the alchemy of time. It is the instant when light and dark reverse – all Fades to Black – our consciousness hologram ceases to exist – we return to that from which our souls emerged – and the complexity of our experience is understood.” Gary has definitely had some experiences in the BOP. The shirts will be ready soon :) Just ordered them today.

Shirt design for legal fund