Today, I need an internet podcast with The Free American, and as expected there were technical issues from the get go LOL Then Gary called in the middle of the show and I had to hang up with the show for a few.

Sunday at 8:00 PM EST, I will being doing Racist Radio. Before you judge, you have to know it is the “authorities” who gave us the terms “white supremacists” and “racist.” There really is no such word. It was made up by the authorities to label us and to divide. We have a right to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and to protect our culture and heritage. All other races are not labeled for doing this. I hate nobody and I don’t look at myself better than anybody else. The only things I want are: to be able to say what I want (I have to put up with being called names because I believe the “old” way of morals and standards but I can’t voice my opinion and beliefs), to be able to associate with whoever I want to, to protect my heritage and culture, and to get my husband home! Does that make me a “racist”?

So listen to the interview I have already done and to the one Sunday!