Have you ever imagined a day of being in prison for your beliefs or what they think you believe? Do you know that I have never once hugged or kissed my husband? All our visits have been behind glass, with glass separating us. Can you imagine your children growing up without you? Never getting to hug your children? With the sacrifices our POWS and political prisoners made, we tend to forget what they sacrificed and what we take for granted every day. I am the wife of a POW….I have to watch other couples do things together and with their family. I don’t want pity or sympathy, neither does Gary. I just want you to put yourself in his shoes for a few minutes….then take a look around you at the things you take for granted. Gary has never seen his children in years nor has he ever seen his grandchildren. I can only maybe see him every couple years….why? Cause the BOP keeps him so far away for any of us to be able to afford to travel there often. When I started visiting Gary, he hadn’t seen a visitor in 10 years…imagine no visitors in 10 years……locked away in solitary.

If we don’t help Gary fight this case of them violating his Constitutional rights, we could all be in his position one day….