I started the petition for Gary’s freedom. I know why they don’t want to release Gary..and many people know why they don’t want to release Gary. Let me tell you why, just in case you aren’t sure. In these times of civil unrest, they fear people like Gary, who at one time decided to take a stand. That stand led to an uprising, even though it was through some illegal action (it didn’t start that way, they were pushed to it by the government..they started off very peaceful by handing out flyers and speaking). Gary has stated many times that he is remorseful for his illegal actions and nobody was hurt via Gary’s actions. He had nothing to do with the Berg murder or anything like that. Gary has never condoned violence in any shape or form. The media has painted him as a violent man, and he is FAR from violent. He tries to tell people that violence is not the way.

Gary and myself have assured the BOP time and time again that he just wants to come home and live out a quiet life with his family. For 4 years or more, Gary has cut his communication down to myself (his wife), his family, and to people he grew up with. We have shown them we can live a normal, “quiet” life….but that did no good. They kept accusing him of “association” when he had none, and then even after they played a horrible mind game with him…set him up with a social security card and had him meet with a VA rep, since he qualified for 30 year mandatory release….they then acted like they knew nothing of his mandatory release. So forget this….they want to make him invisible…there never was no intention of letting him come home…hence the mind game of the 2014 parole date and then vacating it and the teasing about the mandatory release. They want to make him invisible, so when he does die in prison (as they intend him to do) he won’t be a martyr. Nice try….it won’t work.

I have made a decision to stand up and fight for my husband. Don’t get me wrong DOJ and BOP…I am not a “racist.” I don’t hate anybody. I work in a field where I have to work with many different types of people. The only thing I want is my freedom of speech, my right to assemble, and the right to protect my culture and heritage….just like other ethnic groups do. Nothing harmful about that. I live a very ordinary life, until you start messing with my husband. I’ve had it…you have abused him, neglected him medically, beaten him, messed with his mind, given him the worst inhumane treatment…do I need to go on. Not to mention the information that my husband has that will prove how corrupt you are. You call Gary Yarbrough a criminal, when you have done way worse acts than he has, DOJ and BOP……let it all come to light!

As long as I am breathing, I will fight for my husband. I let the ball drop 4 years ago because I wanted to show y’all we were going to be quiet and live a normal life….but then the only reason I even came forward 4 years ago was because you broke his constitutional rights by vacating his 2014 parole date based on posts he didn’t even make. But this was done so on a promise of mandatory release, so we figured we had no reason to fight the vacated probation date. BUT YOU LIED!  So get used to me…I am not going anywhere. Shut my internet down…I will go to a public WiFi, make my life miserable….it is not like my life has been easy. Gary wouldn’t have married me, if he didn’t know that I was strong enough to take life as his wife. So as long as I am alive, people will know the truth…including the fact that the DOJ and BOP has committed worse crimes than Gary Yarbrough ever did. How can you hold a man for posts made on a public forum that weren’t even made by him….it is unconstitutional and corrupt. You can’t hold a man because you fear him.

Gary was 28 years old and full of piss and vinegar when he went to prison. He is now 59-years-old and in ill health. You won’t even give him proper medical treatment. He is in constant pain from his RA. You have kept him in solitary for almost 30 years for what reason? Separation from the AB? Nope, that isn’t it…..the main leaders of the AB were at ADX and the officers at ADX gave the very people he was separated from my mail to Gary with my return address on it. They then shot a kite to Gary saying, “Ding Dong, the witch is dead.” I know why it is he is at ADX, and that will be another post. You didn’t even give him due process before moving him to ADX..no hearing, no nothing…..wow, the injustice keeps stacking up LOL. How can you move a man, who hasn’t even had a minor writeup in 8 years to a SuperMax….

The truth will set you free, and you-the DOJ and BOP, are about to be set free…because people are fixing to know the truth…

One pissed off wife,

Susan Yarbrough