Hello all. I know this petition might not get Gary home, but it will at least get their attention, and let the DOJ and BOP know tht we are aware of their injustice towards Gary, and that we are going to do something about it. Gary has sat quietly by for four years, being quiet like they wanted him to. He showed them he could disappear and cut off contact with anybody but myself, childhood friends, and family….what did that get him? Just more screwed. Besides violating his Constitutional rights, they have also held him passed mandatory release. So now it is time to tell them that we are perusing this and we will no longer be quiet and sit by while they screw over Gary! Additionally, I will be filing for financial compensation for Gary for every day they have held him past his mandatory release date….and for inhumane treatment. It is not the money I care about….it is teaching them a lesson. When we do win, the money Gary is given will be used to pay off the attorney, get Gary things that he needs, and then the rest will be donated to those who are also in need of legal help or families who need help. I just want to give them a taste of their own medicine!

So please go here and sign the petition.


Susan Yarbrough