I was reading this morning about the Supreme Court trying to decide if they can use social media posts against people. This is already in the works and they are trying to start that via Gary Yarbrough. Do you realize this is the beginning of our restriction of our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, and so many other freedoms…..When are people going to wake up and realize what they are trying to do. They are getting away with it with Gary because only a handful of people are doing anything besides talking.

What is it going to take for people to wake up and realize what is happening? They are not just violating Gary’s constitutional rights, but this will lead to the violation of our constitutional rights. One day it will come to imprisonment for something being posted about a person, when that person didn’t even posted, especially if it is a “person of interest.” Even if it does not come to this, which more than likely it will (almost like being arrested for a “thought crime”), soon they will be able to tell you what words you can or cannot put on the internet or what you can view.

I do realize that a lot of predators utilize the internet; however, parents should watch their children more carefully on the internet. That is what being a parent is all about! It means keeping your kids safe, which includes monitoring what they do on the internet. Additionally, a lot of people vent and joke at the same time, especially on social media, about wanting to “kill my wife/husband.” How many times do married couples say that in a day in person LOL. How many times do parents make joking remarks towards their children, like “I am gonna beat the tar out of you.”? But they would not actually do it, but soon these words will be able to be used against people. This will lead to other doors, which will control our Freedom of Speech even more.

This is already in the process they vacated Gary’s 2014 parole date, which was approved, based on internet posts made on public forums by other people. Gary didn’t even have internet access at Florence ADX. How can he control what people post? He can’t…and he should not be responsible for it. If the DOJ and BOP is allowed to get away with this, pretty soon we will be held accountable for things that people about us on the internet. So much for the freedoms that our forefathers fought for…we are letting them go right out the window while we sit back and do nothing. Once freedoms are gone…well…..

Time to wake up people…..


Susan Yarbrough