Dear SPLC,

What? Are your people slacking? Apparently you haven’t done your research. I read your article, ” Aryan Nations Offshoot Planning ‘Christmas with the Klan’ Fundraiser,” and you call this journalism? LOL. You didn’t even research to find out why Gary’s parole was vacated, and I am not going to give you the correct version. I am going to make you do your research. πŸ™‚ I am not going to hand you the information.

Actually, let me give you just a little information and a few questions. For one, why not cover the abuse that happens in prisons like Florence ADX. This happens to all prisoners, not just my husband; however, my husband gets the worst of it. Oh wait…this don’t fit into your category of hate LOL. Furthermore, my husband is in prison for his crimes, not his beliefs or who he associates with. He cannot be held in prison for those reasons. The judge stated in the trials that he was being sentenced for his crimes, not his beliefs or for any other reason. Additionally, my husband does not hate. You don’t even know my husband. How you can write about people you have no information or knowledge of is beyond my understanding. Additionally, to do an article without the proper information is well…unprofessional to say the least…oh and wait a minute, I do believe that is called biased :). Oh and I do believe that biased opinion can also be called discrimination :).

You paint my husband as this horrible, evil man that he is not. Keep doing the articles, and keep pushing the attention his way. We will raise the attorney fee even quicker. They are holding Gary illegally and violating his Constitutional Rights…oh, you forgot to mention that in your article to. Wow…the discrimination and bias that I keep finding. I guess that defines you as an evil, racist group….

BTW, I don’t go to public places to harass people or call their jobs to get them fired πŸ™‚ I believe in Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, and all our freedoms. Each individual in this country has those rights, and I don’t consider people “evil” or harass them, if they don’t agree with me. I guess that makes me a lot more human than you guys πŸ™‚ I don’t harass anybody period. I am just getting support for my husband and bringing awareness to what is happening to him in prison…period. Thanks for the article to bring more attention to his situation πŸ˜‰