I want you to imagine this: You are stuck inside prison walls for 30 years-most of your family dies (including your mother, father, and some siblings), your children grow up and have grandchildren that you have yet to meet, you are forgotten by most people (including some in your family), you have not seen the outside world in 30 years except for the very rare trip to an outside hospital, and you have to depend on other people to stay connected and to find out what is going on in the outside world. NO matter your crime, which Gary’s crime did not involve hurting anybody or murder, his charges were mostly RICO (being associated with an organization…this law was originally created to catch Mafia), counterfeiting, and armored car robbery. Not one person was hurt during any of his activities. Yet, the BOP takes it upon themselves to deny this man proper medical treatment or to let him come home because of the organization he was once associated with. Gary was 28-years-old when he went to prison, and he is now 59-years-old and severely crippled by rheumatoid arthritis and denied proper medical treatment. He has been beaten by guards, put in SuperMax without reason(this article is why they claimed they put him in ADX and it does not incite violence or anything else). He did not have the points or behavior to be sent to ADX.

The BOP refers to Gary Yarbrough as a “white supremacist”; however, this is a term that the authorities made up to label white people who go against the changes in this society and want to preserve white culture. That is all my husband wants is to preserve his culture and have the freedom to believe how he wants to…what is so wrong with that? Look around this grand United States..how many Germantowns are there? There is one or more just about in every state. We are born with the natural instinct to want to be with our own kind and our own culture, and it is society that warps that. It is okay for blacks or Hispanics to want to preserve there culture, but society and authorities frown upon White people doing this? Why? We just want to have the right to assemble with our own and to preserve our culture. The media only portrays the violence. Many of us do not want violence. I know I don’t and my  husband don’t. He has ALWAYS tried to discourage any type of violence. The government pushed The Order to their illegal activities. The government had them fired from their jobs, their homes and churches condemned because they were exercising their Freedom of Speech and waking people up to how corrupt the government is. Have the government declare war on you and see how you react.

The government is violent…not all whites. The government has shown their true colors in Waco, where many children got murdered by the government to capture one child molester. Every day child molesters are arrested without people getting injured. Then there was Ruby Ridge, which shows how the government hates white people who try to exercise their constitutional rights. These people were doing nothing wrong…NOTHING, but the government can come in and shoot a mother who is holding her child. Mrs. Vicky Weaver and her son, Sammy, died at the hands of the government. Furthermore, there are many things that the government has done that we have to clue about. They TRY to cover their tracks. Additionally, they are try to make this a communist country so they can have more control.

Many people do not realize that the government controls what is even offered to us in our grocery stores. They also control what our children eat in school and what they learn in school. More and more parents are starting to home school because of this very reason, which is a very good idea. The only reason I am going into all this is because this is one of the reasons why the BOP doesn’t want to let my husband go.

Gary knows a lot about the corruption behind our so-called government, and there is a lot of unrest in our country right now, especially after Ferguson…and even before then. They know that Gary is a martyr is folk and they are scared of how he can could possibly bridge the division between different folk, such as in the article he got put in ADX for, which only tried to bring peace among the Pagans and Christians. The article didn’t call for violence…not even a rally. But this is something that my husband said in one of his latest letters to me, and he speaks the truth (as always), “”Hey my sweetness! I love you! I got letter #1, dated 12-5, the one you wrote after my first call from the hole. It was not even opened. Yes, I’m well aware that they wanted to shut me up, alienate me from everyone; that’s the whole idea behind frustrating the mail. They should have openly came to me with their concerns, I would have alleviated their worries. I have never encouraged any type of violence or illegality; no armed resistance, no disruptions.In fact, I have warned folks away folks away from such activities, to avoid everybody who advocated such activities.
They are going to press and push on me regardless of what you do, Susan, so just keep up the good work, my love. I’m a big boy, I can take anything they dish out. This is not the first time they have sic’d their pets on me. The other times I just came out on top,so it backfired on them, still they put their spin on it and make me look like I’m the problem. I try to avoid it all and just not react, but this time there was no avoiding it, no way out. I avoided this moron 3 times prior to this, and I even have documented evidence to support this claim. …
We will have to make them parole me. They are afraid of what I might do if released, i.e., my influence upon the racial situation in American, which is bad and getting worse. Thing is, they are foolish to think I could really make a difference either way. Locked up or on parole, what’s coming to America is the results of culminating every since this country’s founding. It cannot be stopped or sidetracked or hastened in any way. They could gag me entirely or just kill me out right, it wouldn’t prevent anything. The authorities are their own worst enemy! Always have been! The man they wanted me to perjure in court and set up (which Gary didn’t, which is why part of this is happening), Robert Miles, RIP wrote: “You chain us to the dungeon walls to secure your rotting throne, but what next then will you do when shackles hold but bone.” It’s coming down, regardless. I took Miles place, all the hate they had for him is now on me. Bob called it the “passing of the guard.” It was my turn is all. Who will I pass it on to?  I feel like the last of the unknowns, the forgottens. If not for you, my love that would surely be the case. I rescued Bob and you rescued me, So the eternal flame is yours like it or not! But, our “infinity life” will be paradise, my love. godspeed the day, but a bit of parole would be nice first. I so want my darlings arms around me now. It’s been 30 years since I’ve had a good hug. That is criminal in its self
All that they do to us my love just reflects back upon what truly devious and demoniacal tyrants they are. It is proof positive that our actions were and are JUSTIFIED. That we are right. We believed we were the sworn enemy of injustice, all this verifies that. We cannot succumb to their wishes. So you keep up the GOOD FIGHT! You make me so proud of you, Susan. I am honored and truly blessed to have a wife so true. Who the hell can stand against us? The hard times will pass, my love, and if the Gods be as true to us as we are to them. and to right, we will be blessed for infinity x’s infinity. We are real and true. Not many can say that. We faced insurmountable odds and we never gave up. I love you Susan Marie Yarbrough. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”

I am not a violent person and neither is Gary. I don’t go around harassing people or writing threatening or derogatory comments about people or on their blog. I don’t have a “hate watch” where I point out people who are different than my husband and myself. People who don’t agree with Gary and myself, and our “beliefs” (or what they think our beliefs are) are violent people. They go around harassing people, calling their jobs and homes (calling their jobs and trying to get them fired), they have beaten people, and publicly published their phone numbers and addresses and urging people to harass them. My husband, myself, or anybody who we associate with does not act like that…yet, we are the “evil” ones. We just want the same rights as other cultures and people have. If I was to do many of these acts that Antifa does, I would be buried under the prison, yet they continue to do illegal activity. I only advocate legal activity, which is our constitutional right.

So why should the BOP continue to hold a man passed his maximum mandatory out date, with no writes up in 8 years (until he was attacked recently and had to defend himself), no prison gang affiliation, or nothing to deny him a release? For several reasons. One, he would not roll over, rat, and perjure himself to give the feds information they wanted. Two, they are scared of what they THINK he might do. They cannot hold a person in prison for his or her beliefs or what they think they might do. Gary was not sent to prison for his beliefs, but for crimes he committed, which he has done his time for them. Additionally, they tend to use people in prison as guinea pigs to see what they can get away with. Gary’s approved parole date of 2014 was taken away based on internet posts people had made about him on public forums, such as StormFront. Gary was at ADX without computer access, so he couldn’t have made the posts himself. How can they take away an approved parole date based on what is said on a public forum by other people, who don’t even know Gary. That in its self is illegal. People are being arrested for Facebook posts. If they get away with using the internet  as a tool to keep Gary in prison, it will become a reason to arrest us out here. We need to stand up and show these people that we can stand together for a person who we honor for his sacrifice for his folk. We need to show them that we will not just stand up for Gary, but also for ourselves. We cannot let fear keep us from doing this. Gary was not afraid to sacrifice his life for what he believed, and neither am I. So let’s get the money needed for the attorney.

We aren’t asking you to just donate, we do have items for sale. Let’s get Gary home. He deserves it! All he wants is to come home and be with his family, and to enjoy the happiness in his life he hasn’t been able to experience in 30 years…..stuff we all take for granted: sun sets, time with our families, a good movie, to be able to come and go as we please, shopping, taking a walk, etc. Things we take for granted every day, he appreciates so much. Let’s get Gary home 🙂 The support has been amazing, so let’s keep up the good work!

Much love and respect,

Susan Yarbrough

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