I got home from Mississippi last night from Christmas with the Klan, which was also a fund raiser put on for Gary Yarbrough. What I seen was amazing. This was not just Aryan Nations Klan but also other Klans, who showed up for this open event. Despite the rain and the cold, many people showed up for this open event and we had a great time of fellowship and meeting new people. The speakers were excellent. One of the speakers, Shaun, noted about noticing a unity developing under Gary’s cause/situation. So many different groups from Europe to the United States are coming together for his cause….UNITY! But $1.106 was raised this weekend, and I had a great time in fellowship. I met some wonderful people!

We are doing what our enemy fears the most…UNITY because if we stand together, we are stronger, and it makes our defeat impossible. If we can stand together in unity for Gary, we can also on other issues that affect our folk! Here is a picture of a group photo of those who purchased shirts this weekend. Thank you to Aryan Nations, Pastor Gulett, and Shaun for having this event!

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