Yes, you read the title right. The retainer for the law firm to represent Gary Yarbrough to fight the great injustice by the BOP, has been reached. We have reached $5,000 thanks to all those who put in a lot of hard work, including: Pastor Gulett/Aryan Nations, Warrior’s Pride, and WarHag Clothing…and all the individuals and groups who also contributed. We still have to raise $2,500 to reach the final total of $7,500, but if we raised $5,000….$2,500 is just a drop in the bucket!

This goes to show what we can accomplish when we work together without all the bickering and fighting. We accomplished something major because this will not only help get Gary home, but also some of the other Bruders, who are still behind those walls. The BOP will be less likely to mess them over on their mandatory parole release date. We accomplished something great…the possible freedom of some of our folk heroes, who have already been held in prison to long!

Get ready Bureau of Prisons…you can’t cover up all the injustice you have done to these men! The light always shows what has been hidden in the dark. Justice will prevail!

This is truly a HAPPY DAY in our history!

Susan Yarbrough

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