On April 25th, 2015 several different rallies and demos will be held to show our support for Gary Yarbrough. There are various ones throughout the UK, which I will be posting information on tomorrow. Additionally, there will be some in California and in St. Louis, Missouri, and in Canada.

The rally in St. Louis, Missouri will be held on the West Steps of the Old Courthouse in St . Louis, Missouri. You can find out more information here.

We need to show Gary Yarbrough our support. He sacrificed so much for his folk. We need to show him that we stand beside him in his quest for his freedom. What if, 30 years ago, he said he didn’t feel like standing up for his beliefs or folk? What if all of those men had decided to just sit back and let everything take its course, the Cause would not even be here today. They seen what was happening and knew something had to be done. Now, it is our turn to show that we will stand up and beside something and somebody we believe in!

I will be posting more info on the other rallies tomorrow or the next day.

Update on Gary

He has gotten a legal call with the law firm :) The wheels of justice are moving :)

Don’t forget the legal fund. We have just a little over a thousand dollars left to raise, and have black T-shirts and other items for sale.