Hello all, I received a letter from Gary yesterday, well actually two of them. These letters explain a lot that is going on, so I am just going to type out what he said. You can find out what lead up to a lot of this here Just a short update

Here is part of a letter dated from Aug 7:

“Dear Susan, Hey sweetheart, I love you! Good news and bad news. As soon as I put in another transfer request since the Unit manager did my parole hearing progress report and said I had no incident reports, the Disciplinary Hearing Officer came back, AFTER 23 days, and decided I was guilty after all. Amazing. I believe this was done to keep me at ADX since I beat the fighting shot, and I believe the DHO took 23 days to go out and confer with the other despots. Because she did not want to find me guilty, I think SIS and others made her do it. Because of the Remedys I filed over this wretch doing that to my photos and the complaint to the Inspector General and Internal Affairs. A bureaucracy is the perfect venue for abuse and tyranny. It is futile to seek redress for wrongs by one bureau to another component of the same bureau. The only sanctions were, since this involved the phone, was phone restriction until November 3rd!!!! I will appeal, Susan, and again, I will win the appeal. I think another factor is this is that the attorney contacts me thru you, so they kill 2 birds with one stone. By legal standards, this was not a threat, and I sent a request to DHO that since I received phone sanctions in the fighting shot was expunged after I had already completed all these sanctions they should give me credit for those days. Haven’t heard back yet. I think that was 60 days.

I guess the attorney call went well and you likely know the score already so I won’t go into that. He is going to call me more often now too. I just sent him the progress report, some medical records, and a copy of all the program completions. My actual prison file is not that bad. And the serious incident reports are shit these tyrants orchestrated. Just like the CO did with my photos, and there is plenty of evidence to support that.

The attorney said you think they are going to say I write to you and then you communicate with these so called STG. SO WHAT!!! Susan, I wrote to dozens of other people besides you. And we are not going to bow down to pressure from these tyrants and deny our beliefs. F**k them!!! I’ll do the other 8 years before I give in to these scumbags. This is none of your fault, Susan, it is these assholes misrepresenting our political views. They are the ones that are 100% to blame. We are doing 0 wrong or illegal. And, quite frankly Susan, this crap is going to backfire on them, because all this crap they are doing, our folk out there see. And the actions of these people to silence me, isolate me, oppress me, alienate me, segregate me actually makes me a living martyr. It is having the exact opposite effect they were hoping to achieve. Sweetheart, I gave up my life to this cause in 1978, to serve my folk, my faith, and the TRUTH. I’ve done 32 years in prison as a result, what’s 8 more years? F**K THEM!!! Our folk need to know about everything, every evil and wicked thing these people do, have done, to me, to you. Tell them, expose what they did to you just for loving and standing up for and by me, Susan. When they see these protests at Embassys and federal buildings, the signs “Free Gary Yarbrough,” the support I get financially and the spiritual support. I wish I could show you a letter I got a couple days ago from a woman in NC, it made me tear up. I put it under laminate to protect it. I can make a copy for you. I will gladly do another 8 years in this hell for that letter alone. And especially with my loving wife at my side. I firmly believed you were a God sent angel, Susan, very timely, the GodIs knew I needed you then, and I surely need you and your love now. I need you to be strong too, and fight.

I am not the prisoner of these traitors, Susan, I am the prisoner of the truth and truths creator, and when that force decides to free me, there is 0 these tyrants can do to prevent it. They have dug a pit for me, but they will fall into it. And, love of my life, there is not a single person that lifts my spirits and gives me the will and strength to go on more than you. You are my life, my air, my water, my substance. Without you I am nothing. These tyrants know it, that’s why they frustrate you and I. Don’t let them do it, buck up and be strong. I promise you, my love, our victory is foreordained, we will have it!

I got a letter from France, he noted your blog, you are so important, Susan. What you note about my daughters being labeled STG, and the alleged threat BS, people see this! And it pisses them off that these tyrants stoop so low. Do NOT STOP! FIGHT!!!! Susan, there is shit these people can do to me. NOTHING. Do not worry about that. I love you girl, always and forever, ask anyone 🙂


For infinity x’s infinity,



This is a personal letter that Gary wrote me…but it shows his faith and strength…and the strength I get from him so I thought I would share it 🙂 His faith and strength needs to be shared!

If you would like to write Gary, you can write him at this address:

Gary Yarbrough #09883-016

U.S. Penitentiary Max

PO Box 8500

Florence, CO 81226-8500