I just returned from my visit to Gary at ADX. Wow, I have so much to tell about. I was so excited to see my husband. I was supposed to attend his parole hearing, but the attorney called me before I left and told me that the hearing had been changed to closed and I could not attend. Wow. I went to see Gary Thursday-Sunday. On Thursday after I left, he had a legal call with the attorney. First off, they denied the attorney a legal visit cause 1. there was supposed to be somebody in the legal visiting booths they didn’t want Gary to see 2. the legal booths were supposedly full. Wow…such bulls**t. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday there isn’t any regular visiting and they could have allowed the attorney and Gary to use the regular visiting booths (which is glass divider and you have to talk via phone), just Gary wouldn’t have been able to pass him the documents he needed to. They are bound and determined to keep Gary. But this fight is far from over. They have only seen the tip of the iceberg of Susan Yarbrough. If this parole is denied, there is nothing to lose because it will be 8 years before he is released. Now to talk about my visit….

I am from Louisiana, and I don’t get to see Gary but every few years…and they know this. They frustrated our visits by taking an hour or longer to get him to the visiting room, except for Saturday; however, Saturday they gave me grief. After I had visited him Thursday and Friday, they tried to tell me I wasn’t on Gary’s approved visiting list. Fortunately, Gary and I had prepared for this and he had sent me his prisoner copy of his approved visiting list. I said, “Woah, wait a minute! I was here Thursday and Friday and I have his approved visitor list in the car.” Problem solved šŸ™‚ All of a sudden, I was on his list again šŸ™‚ Then they tried to use the Ion machine, a machine that tests for drug residue on me and my pockets. Ha, I don’t use drugs so I passed that with flying colors šŸ™‚ Then when I get down to the visiting room, they tell me I cannot talk to another female visitor who had been there visiting her father. Wow, since when the BOP tell me who I can’t and can talk to šŸ™‚ Like I was passing messages to her to pass to her father or something. What? Were we planning to take over ADX or something? These people are truly the spawn of Satan. I talked to her anyways, out in the parking lot and when I would see her. Who knows, her and me might have carpooled or something. She is another visitor, she knows the hell there. She was from somewhere up North United States, so I never had contact with her before and probably never will again…unless, we run into each other again at ADX.

But despite the BS, it was a great visit with my wonderful, sexy husband. He looks good, even though his rheumatoid arthritis is starting to suppress his organs. That red mustache that I so love is now grey but his hair is still red šŸ™‚ I got to hear many, many interesting stories…from his childhood on up. I love my husband, and could listen to him for hours on end. He is truly a VERY strong man, who I love with all my heart. I cried the whole flight home. He just wants to come home, and I just want him home so I can take care of him and nurse him back to health. His parole hearing is today, and I will update as soon as I hear something. We won’t get the decision today but the attorney will have an idea.

Here is a picture of Florence ADX that I took going in. As you see, it is small. It should not take them an hour or longer to get him to the visiting room.