Well, we figured we would get this outcome. The board said there was not enough evidence to overturn the 15 year hit, but Gary will get another reconsideration hearing in 24 months. The attorney is going to fight this. He said Gary presented a very good case and then he (the attorney) used law to say how they could not use the “information” they have to give Gary a 15 year hit. He even stated to the parole board how they do not follow their own regulations. But this is a giant, corrupt organization we are talking about (the BOP and DOJ). The attorney also said that my letter  (the release plan I had for Gary and what kind of environment he would be released to) was very well written.

Now to just wait for the formal denial and then file a civil suit. In the mean time, I will be on the “war path” myself. I will post more about this later. My grandson is about to have a fit to get on the computer to play his games 🙂