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Violations with Legal Mail

Not only was Gary not allowed a visit with his attorney for his parole hearing in 2016, he has always even had problems with legal mail. Sometimes he wouldn’t get his legal mail or it wouldn’t make it out to the attorney. Additionally, legal mail is not supposed to be opened in the mail room, it is supposed to be open by the prisoner. Here is an example of when the mailroom violated this right. Gary has filed remedies many times and of course, nothing is done. 

As many of you know, in 2009, Gary was given a 2014 parole date. However, he was given Notice of Actions wanting that parole date vacated because of internet posts that Gary did not make. He was at ADX without computer access. The first parole examiner, who was a Black man, couldn’t find any reason to vacate the 2014 parole date. The BOP wasn’t happy with this result so they gave Gary another Notice of Action. This time, the parole examiner decided to vacate the 2014 parole date and add a 15 year hit. Here is the paperwork that Gary was given and his appeal

My husband has always told me about the unsanitary conditions at Florence ADX, including during cell rotation and in the rec cage. He has quit taking his hour rec, even when it is available (most times they don’t have staff to take prisoners to the rec cage). He has quit going to the rec cage because it is generally covered in feces. The prisoners are made to do cell changes every so often, and the prisoner inhabiting the cell is supposed to clean it be he moves to the next cell; however, many don’t. Then Gary is left to clean body fluids from the former prisoner with NO gloves or proper cleaning agents. My husband has filed multiple remedies on this cause it is unsanitary and a health risk, and these remedies are always rejected.


As many of you know, my husband has very severe Rheumatoid arthritis, which is very painful! I have regular arthritis and inflammation from a very huge back surgery, and I lived in pain until I got into pain management. If any of you have dealt with this amount of pain, you know it affects your functioning and can even cause severe depression. If you haven’t been there, do not judge!! Pain management gave me back my life! But anyways, they have messed around with Gary’s pain management many, many times. You don’t put somebody on an opiate long-term and then deny them cold-turkey, this could kill a person! This has been done to Gary many, many times! Here is just one of the recent times and the remedy  


Gary sacrificed basically his whole life for us. He was only 28 years old when he went to prison, he is now 61 years old. Writing this letter might not accomplish anything, but it is worth a try. All you have to do is copy, paste and print (or write out by hand) and then stamp and mail. Takes a very few minutes of your day for somebody who sacrificed so much!

Honorable President Trump,

I am writing you about Gary Yarbrough, Federal Prisoner #09883-016, who is currently housed at Florence ADX. Gary was arrested in 1984 and convicted of RICO, armored car robbery, and counterfeiting. I have seen much worse criminals, including murderers do much less time.

In 2009, he was given a parole date of 2014. Subsequently, he was given a Notice of Action. This Notice of Action said they were holding a reverse hearing because of internet posts made about him on political websites. Gary had nothing to do with these posts, he was at ADX without computer access. The first parole examiner found no reason to vacate Gary’s parole date. The BOP was not satisfied with this decision, so they held a second reconsideration hearing. The second parole examiner decided to give Gary a 15 year set off date, which was the action that the BOP desired.

A parole attorney was hired for Gary’s 2016 parole hearing. ADX frustrated him in every way. This attorney was not even allowed a legal visit with Gary before the parole hearing. It took the attorney over three months just to arrange one legal call! Of course, Mr. Yarbrough was denied parole.

Gary has had no major infractions and has worked every program the BOP has ask him to. We believe Gary is just being held for his political beliefs. Prisoners still have Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. When did this penal system turn into one that violates these rights? His mail is rejected or most of the time he does not even receive it.

Gary’s health is precarious, and he is not getting adequate treatment for his health problems. He has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, and a genetic blood disorder, where his body produces to much iron. He has even been denied an anti-inflammatory diet, which was prescribed by a doctor. He is not given the blood-letting he needs for his blood disorder. His RA is so bad that it is starting to cause inflammation on his brain. He has also been abused by staff.

He was severely beaten by guards in Atlanta. He was beaten so bad, while handcuffed and shackled, that he was in a wheelchair months after the beating. Nothing was ever done to the guards who did this injustice because the paperwork was supposedly lost.

Gary has mostly been in solitary confinement prisons his 33 years in prison, which is in humane. He has been at Supermax in Florence, Colorado for over 11 years. This is cruel and unusual punishment! SuperMax or the BOP have never given us a clear reason why he is at ADX.

President Trump, could you please investigate Gary’s situation and consider giving him a compassionate release? He has done more time than anybody else would do for the crimes he has been convicted of. Gary’s incarceration costs the taxpayers more than $68,270 per year. He has paid his debt to society and just wants to be home with his family.

Thank you for your time.



Here is the address to send it to:

President Donald Trump

1717 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20006

or here

President Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

You can also email by going to and going to contact us. However, I imagine snail mail would be better.

Thank you for helping!!!!!

Where to buy shirts

Hey Folks! Noble Wear is ready to do shirts! These shirts are SO awesome and she is including a 6×6 card with the shirts. The funds from these shirts will help to get Gary a civil defense attorney, which is what we need to fight the BOP. They have broken the law and their own federal regulations. I recently received all of Gary’s paperwork and will be adding it to this website. This will show how he has been treated unjustly and how the BOP has broken the law.

But go here to buy these BEAUTIFUL shirts! Noble Wear-Gino and Missy- have been a Godsend! 

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Missy and Gino have been helping out our political prisoners! 

Also, some time today I will be posting the example letter to President Trump for Gary. Obama released all these drug dealers and violent terrorist back into our society. It is time that Gary and his co defendants are released! They have been held past their mandatory release date! 

Here is an image of the 6×6 cards that Missy is including with the shirts! Thank you for everything you do, Missy and Gino! We ❤️ you! Keep doing what y’all are doing ❤️

I love these shirts! This isn’t the only style available, but this is the first one done! I am so happy with it that I had to post it! Tomorrow, I will post a link to the NobleWear store so you can see other designs offered. Noble Wear is doing a fantastic job!!!!

Tweet campaign 

Let’s get a tweet campaign going for Gary on Twitter to Donald Trump!!!!!

Example letter and info

Many people are unsure of what to put into a letter when they want to stand up for a prisoner so here is an example of what you can write for Gary to the Warden at ADX.

Dear Warden Berkebile;

I am writing in reference to prisoner Gary Yarbrough #09883-016. It has come to my attention that he is having problems with incoming and outgoing mail and it unnecessarily being marked STG. Prisoners, no matter what religion they are, are allowed to write and communicate with people about religious beliefs. I have been made aware that much of his incoming and outgoing mail is being rejected as STG, unnecessarily. 

I am also aware of Gary’s health problems, including his blood disorder and his rheumatoid arthritis and the lack of treatment. He is in custody of the federal prison system and this system is legally liable to making sure he gets the proper health treatment. 

Could you please look into these issues and make sure Gary is given the care and legal rights that are his


Your name

You can also email the Warden at FLM/ or call at (719)784-9464

I just got a phone call from my husband. My husband has a genetic blood condition where his body naturally produces to much iron, which can be deadly. The remedy for this is bloodletting. They were taking Gary out of ADX to have this done, but now they want to transport him in this coffin like Box, which Gary refused. Now they are wanting to “medicate” him before putting him in this box. We all know the deaths of Bruce Pierce and David Lane were suspicious 😒, and they have tried overmedicating Gary in the past! We need to stand up for Gary in this time! 

Also, he has been filing remedies on his mail situation, and now they are claiming he is trying to incite violence because he used a Bible verse in a remedy. He has a registered letter on its way to me concerning this.

We need to let the Warden of ADX know that we are standing up for Gary. After I calm down a little, I am going to post a sample letter and words for a phone call! Please help Gary!