NobleWear is doing the new Free Gary Yarbrough shirts to help with his civil defense fund. This is an example of the new shirts being offered. Should have a better picture when I get them in. They are going to cost $20 a piece. Let’s help Gary get a civil defense attorney to make the BOP be accountable for their illegal actions towards him. The BOP is the worst criminal there is and they need to be held accountable for their illegal actions towards Gary!!!

The shirts should be in production next week, thanks to two generous donors!!! Also, NobleWear  will be offering the shirts in their store and 80% of the price will go to Gary’s fund. 

There is so many illegal actions that the BOP has done in Gary’s case that if taken to court, they probably will release him rather than be dragged through the mud in court. They need to be held accountable! Let’s make them stand accountable and get Gary home.

Also, after Trump gets into office, I will be starting a letter writing campaign for Gary to the President and other politicians! At this point, I am ready to try anything to get my husband home!!!!

But here is an example of the shirts, and both myself and NobleWear will be offering them once I get the money to start production!!!!

Let’s get Gary home!!!