Here is a letter I got from Gary about his mail situation.

Dear Susan Marie,

Hello my darling, I love you! A lot of folks who write to me or attempt to write to me complain that I do not answer or their letters are rejected for some fabricated excuse. They are not informed as to my situation in the federal gulag. ADX was built to house, largely, gangs but there are also political prisoners here that the despots wish to alienate and silence. So, the tyrants who administer this institution utilize gang busting tactics against the political prisoners more so than the gangs this place was allegedly built to confine. If a prisoner is not a gang member, the administration will distort the record and claim you are an “associate” of a gang or an “affiliate” of a gang. They will label certain religions as a gang, if you are an Odinist, you are a gang member. If you or Wiccan, Identity Christian, or a Skinhead, you are a gang member. If you are a racialist, you belong to a “Security Threat Group” or a Disruptive Group. This “Classification” does not only apply to prisoners confined to the federal gulags, but to everyone beyond the confines whom prisoners communicate with via the US Postal Service or telephone. It does not matter one iota if you are a law abiding citizen or if you belong to no organization at all. All my folk and friends, all my family are considered a Security Threat Group or Disruptive Group. Anyone and everyone in the world that promotes or cultivates White Racial Brotherhood and the Preservation of our race and culture is a “security threat.” And as such, my communications are extremely monitored and censored for the slightest mention of anything and everything. I have a stack of rejection notices 2 inches high. But mail, incoming and outgoing is often lost in the Orwellian Black Hole!  Anything the Federal KGB agents can do to frustrate my communications and fellowship with my folk beyond these confines is utilized on a regular basis to suppress, alienate, and silence me. To prevent from creating and “working my disruptive behavior.” White people are not allowed to promote their political views, it is labeled “racist, extremist, radical, and White Supremacy.” Oh, and we are “militant” as well as “anti-government.” All completely fabricated “classifications”, of course. 

Anyway, I have enclosed a copy of the rejection notice for my essay on “Justice” and the remedy I wrote for the rejection. The remedy was due for response on December 4, 2016, but I guess they have yet to figure out a lie to justify the rejection. And 3 pages that depict a bit of what I, we, are up against here. It is not unlike the ” re-education camps” or polpot and the KHMER ROUGE of Cambodia, though a little more subtle. Perhaps you can relate this to everyone and help them understand my situation. They are despotic tyrants, we can expect them to act as such. Me, I can’t be “re-educated”, I went through to much to correct the lies this society and authority indoctrinated me with before I got wise to their game. “What we have here is a failure to communicate” 

I love you my sweetness!

And so it goes, 

Gary Yarbrough

Folks, I will type up the remedy he wrote tomorrow and update this post