I have always said I would not use Gary’s blog for this but these people are harassing the people who are doing Gary’s shirts now. I was just going to let it drop but they have ripped off some friends of mine and now acting like thugs and harassing a woman who is trying to help Gary and myself.

At first, I was impressed with Shannon and Warrior’s Pride. I was thankful for their help and thanked them many times over. But anytime I tried to thank anybody else, Shannon would act as if I never thanked her. Months after the legal fund ended, some friends of mine from Aryan Nations in Georgia wanted to get some shirts done, and of course, I referred them to Warrior’s Pride. Next thing I know there is a big argument. Sam had sent over $200 to start production of the shirts. Shannon had sent him a picture of what the shirts were supposed to look like, but as you will see, the actual product was horrible. Shannon’s boyfriend then reached an agreement with Sam that they would send Sam shirts for the money already paid since the shirts were messed up and behind schedule BUT then Jeff and Shannon went back on their word, and was refusing to send the shirts unless paid in full. Of course, who wants to pay full price for shirts with messed up lettering and that aren’t as promised. Sam didnt and I don’t blame him! But to keep peace, I offered to finish paying for the shirts, and Shannon refused me. But it gets worse…..

Another member of AN contacted Shannon and Jeff while he was at the hospital with his dying Mother, and Randall told them that this is where he was at. Jeff and Shannon told Randall, “F**k your dying mother”…wow, really professional and friendly behavior there…

They sent people from their crew to try and intimidate the AN Georgia members at an event. Thankfully, nothing happened….but yet it gets even worse.
When I contacted NobleWear about doing the shirts this time, Shannon contacted me, went off on me, and told me that they were pulling support from Gary and myself 😂😂😂😂  Why would I use somebody who ripped off my friends and talked to them that way? 

Here is a photo of the design that was approved by Sam and the actual product that Shannon provided. Wow look how crooked the letters are. You decide if you want to do business with a company that behaves like this and produces this kind work. My friends did not get a refund or any shirts…they were out of over $200!!!

And here is Shannon’s admission that she sent comrades to GA, to the event. Actually, Shannon was the one who took all this to Facebook. I tried to handle it off Facebook via phone. She can claim to be honorable all she wants, but honorable people do not act like this. Yeah, they tried to handle “shit” by not taking anymore calls from Randall or Sam after they told Randle, “f**k your dying mother”

Also this is the design originally approved. This is what the shirts were suppose to look like!