Before I had to take a brief break to take care of my health and other issues, I had started POWW, Preservation of White Women. Here very soon, I will be bringing it back with my Sister, Dixie Evans. Here is the link to listen to any old shows. I will keep the blog updated as to when I officially bring it back. POWW

Also, as I posted yesterday, Gary is having serious issues with getting and sending mail. Therefore, I am starting a letter campaign to the BOP Office of Internal Affairs. You can write or either call. Gary’s registry number is 09883-016 and he is at Florence ADX. Just simply state that you have become aware of the fact that Gary Yarbrough’s mail is being handled illegally. That letters are coming up missing or unnecessarily being rejected for STG. Here is the phone number and address:

Office of Internal Affairs

320 First St, NW, Room 600

Washington, DC 20534

(202) 307-3198

I am updating this to include contacting the Warden of ADX, and here is the info, including email

David Berkebile


(719) 784-9464

Or write Mr Berkebile at

PO Box 8500 

Florence, CO 81226