Many people are unsure of what to put into a letter when they want to stand up for a prisoner so here is an example of what you can write for Gary to the Warden at ADX.

Dear Warden Berkebile;

I am writing in reference to prisoner Gary Yarbrough #09883-016. It has come to my attention that he is having problems with incoming and outgoing mail and it unnecessarily being marked STG. Prisoners, no matter what religion they are, are allowed to write and communicate with people about religious beliefs. I have been made aware that much of his incoming and outgoing mail is being rejected as STG, unnecessarily. 

I am also aware of Gary’s health problems, including his blood disorder and his rheumatoid arthritis and the lack of treatment. He is in custody of the federal prison system and this system is legally liable to making sure he gets the proper health treatment. 

Could you please look into these issues and make sure Gary is given the care and legal rights that are his


Your name

You can also email the Warden at FLM/ or call at (719)784-9464