I just got a phone call from my husband. My husband has a genetic blood condition where his body naturally produces to much iron, which can be deadly. The remedy for this is bloodletting. They were taking Gary out of ADX to have this done, but now they want to transport him in this coffin like Box, which Gary refused. Now they are wanting to “medicate” him before putting him in this box. We all know the deaths of Bruce Pierce and David Lane were suspicious 😒, and they have tried overmedicating Gary in the past! We need to stand up for Gary in this time! 

Also, he has been filing remedies on his mail situation, and now they are claiming he is trying to incite violence because he used a Bible verse in a remedy. He has a registered letter on its way to me concerning this.

We need to let the Warden of ADX know that we are standing up for Gary. After I calm down a little, I am going to post a sample letter and words for a phone call! Please help Gary!