Hey Folks! Noble Wear is ready to do shirts! These shirts are SO awesome and she is including a 6×6 card with the shirts. The funds from these shirts will help to get Gary a civil defense attorney, which is what we need to fight the BOP. They have broken the law and their own federal regulations. I recently received all of Gary’s paperwork and will be adding it to this website. This will show how he has been treated unjustly and how the BOP has broken the law.

But go here to buy these BEAUTIFUL shirts! Noble Wear-Gino and Missy- have been a Godsend! 

stay Noble Wear
Missy and Gino have been helping out our political prisoners! 

Also, some time today I will be posting the example letter to President Trump for Gary. Obama released all these drug dealers and violent terrorist back into our society. It is time that Gary and his co defendants are released! They have been held past their mandatory release date! 

Here is an image of the 6×6 cards that Missy is including with the shirts! Thank you for everything you do, Missy and Gino! We ❤️ you! Keep doing what y’all are doing ❤️