“I will send a faintness into their hearts: and the sound of a shaken leaf shall chase them; and they shall flee, as fleeing from a sword; and they shall fall when none pursueth.” Levi 26:36

In the USA Today Newspaper of April 1, 2013 it reads: “Fears rise after a Texas prosecutor shot dead, authorities look for links with Colorado assistant’s killing.” The Assistant’s killing noted above references the killing of Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse in Kaufman County Texas. on January 31, 2013 by an unknown assailant. The reference to “links with Colorado” is the killing of the Colorado State Department of Corrections Director Tom Clements on March 19, 2013. Two days after Clements death, Evan Ebel, a suspect in the death of Clements death was shot and killed by Texas authorities only 100 miles from Kaufman County, Texas. The “fears rise” because District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, were killed in their home by an unknown assailant on March 30, 2013 in the same Texas county.

The District Attorneys Office of McLelland and Hasse aided in the prosecution of members of a Texas State Prison gang labeled as “White Supremacist.” And Evan Ebel, released from the Colorado State Prison System in January was alleged to be a member of another prison gang called the “White Supremacist.”

According to USA Today, the Texas Department of Public Safety warned that authorities received “credible information” that the “Aryan Brotherhood” was planning retaliation against law enforcement back in 2012. No doubt this “credible information” (USA Today, April 12, 2013, Pg A2) came from a prison informant. Prison “snitches” are notorious for fabricating information and lying in order to manipulate prison authorities for preferential treatment, and for downward departures of their sentences from prosecutors such as Hasse and McLelland. I can attest to this first hand, because the “authorities” offered to release me from a sixty year sentence in 1991, after only ten years served, if I would lie for them in court and aid in the conviction of an innocent man they want to frame for the attempted bombing of a federal judge in 1986. I declined their offer, which wholly frustrated their criminal intent. I suffer their retaliation to this very day.

In the USA Today of April 2, 2013, the Headline reads: “White Supremacists under scrutiny in Texas slayings.” The authorities and media were so sure, certain enough that these gangs were behind these killings, that the spin doctors were already distorting the facts in order to mold public opinion. This is the reason for the media, it can’t just report the news, it has to sway your thinking. They do this by utilizing trigger words and catch phrases to cause preconditioned reflexive response from the public in order to mold public opinion to favor one side over another. These slants or “spins” are utilized because their position in any given situation is weak. They must distort the particulars so that they themselves will not seem culpable for the situation. The authorities stated that these killings appear to be: “An assault on the rule of law.” The intended slant is: These despicable “White Supremacist criminal prison gangs” are attacking the just and upright enforcers of the legal system.

According to the USA Today April 12, 2013, the inset on page 2A the “Aryan Brotherhood of Texas” was founded in the early 1980s, “But originally formed to protect White inmates after Texas prisons were integrated ” (integrated by force). The source noted for this information is: “The Justice Department and the Southern Poverty Law Center,” who according to Page 1 are noted as the “vast criminal justice network and blood adversary of the inmates confined in the solitary confinement wing.” By their own admission the “authorities” (Law if you will,) lay claim to the fact that these White prison gangs are the results of their own laws and prison policies, and a dangerous environment created by the authorities! The article states that the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas “allegedly branched out into criminal activity.” Wrong, they were in prison for being convicted “criminals” already, White prisoners that banded together for their own safety and protection from Non-White predators. Whites are the minority in prison. What they are not is “White Supremacists”. This term is a “trigger word”. Prison populations, by virtue of prison policy and adverse environment conditions, are divided along racial lines, regardless of so-called “integration”. Like most of “society,” it is an artificial environment, unnatural. It is not a matter of ideology. Prisoners, like any other being or animal, naturally gravitate to their own kind, especially if their survival is threatened. Oddly enough, in the Media it is the “poor oppressed minorities” that are touted as the victims of the “White Man”. But, the truth is, it is not the average White man that oppresses the minorities, it is the authorities, the elitists, the aristocracy that created racism in America. The minorities have nothing the average White man wants or needs from them, they are basically indifferent towards minorities. The authorities and aristocrats that created racism, and their adverse policies to attempt to ameliorate that racism only worsens in a bad situation. Forced social contact via integration does not work in society, and especially will not work in prison. The forced integration of America’s Prison System made prison a very dangerous and deadly place to be. The majority of White prisoners were not concerned with race before coming to prison, and most will not be concerned with race after leaving prison.

The “White Supremacist” label utilized to describe these White prison gangs is not truly applicable to them. It is used merely to sway public opinion against anyone unfortunate enough to be stereotyped and labeled with it by the authorities and media. “White Supremacy” is an odious ideology, and oddly enough, and ideology that can only be rightly applicable to the authorities and aristocracy. Neither the prison gangs nor the Pro-White groups in America ascribe to the philosophy or ideology of “White Supremacy”.  The authorities and the aristocracy from which it is derived were all White Supremacists! They believed they were superior and that all Non-Whites were inferior and therefore appropriate for plunder and exploitation. Virtually all of the racism in America can be rightfully attributed to the administrative policies and authority of the governors of this Nation. And therein lies the “Faintness of Heart” and “Fears” of the law enforcement officials. They feared that they were about to reap the whirlwind they sowed. They feared the prison gangs, created by them, who had wised up to what was done to them, and now the authorities themselves had been targeted by their own Frankenstein creature.

As it turned out, these two Texas prosecutors of the “Criminal Justice System” were slain by one of their own colleagues, a “Justice of Peace” named Eric Williams. The Colorado Prison Chief was killed by an ex-convict acting alone. An ex-convict with mental illness caused by adverse prison conditions and years of solitary confinement. Evan Ebel was the son of a prominent Denver attorney that had testified before Congressional hearings on Super Max prisons and the effects of  long-term confinement in solitary. He testified that “Solitary confinement was destroying his son”. Evan Ebel was released from solitary confinement in January. He shot and killed a pizza delivery boy, simply for his uniform, then he shot and killed Director Clements as he answered his door.

The initial kneejerk reaction by the authorities and media, jumping to the assumption that prison gangs may be behind the killings were quickly stifled. They realized that this sensational media coverage could backfire and expose them for their own culpability and misdeeds. There are hundreds of thousands of gang members and other prisoners subjected to the abject cruelty of segragative  solitary confinement for years on end in this nations prisons. All of them suffer from medical and mental health issues due to the conditions and traumatic effects of this adverse and inhumane confinement. Most of them will, one day, be released back into society. The prison system is a failure.

Prison has never worked, and it never will work. Drastic reforms are needed. Prison takes a social ill and makes it worse. Unfortunately, the Colorado State Corrections Director, Tom Clements, recognized the ill effects of solitary confinement and was implementing measures to correct and curtail its practice in the state prison system before he was killed. Too little, to late. There have been thousands of prison hardened gang members and mentally ill psychopaths released back into society already. The very same type of prisoners from America’s “Solitary Confinement Wings” who “took part in the twisted celebration” that “prompted cheers” in the murders of their “blood adversary”. (USA Today April 12, 2013, Page 1A).

The authorities and prisoncrats must accept the majority of culpability for this situation and the atrocious conditions in Americas’ jails and prisons. This is the problem created by them. In fact, the majority of America’s social ills are a direct reflection upon its administrators and governors. Prison is just a microcosm of society. All of the racism, violence, corruption, and abuse of authority that takes place in here is happening out there, only on a much larger scale. The only difference is that in here it is confined to a smaller space, therefore, easier to notice. And in here, one cannot avoid it if one expects to survive one’s sentence. You must face it head on and deal with what comes or die. Enough of the intentional and malicious prevarications and pretensions. There are no “White Supremacists” anymore *. The deceitful, dishonest masquerade must end. The authorities need to correct their monstrous creation. America’s prisons are a disaster, and drastic reforms are desperately required. WHEN AMERICA IS BEING DESTROYED, SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN, IT IS TREASON!!!

*Except those who remain in positions of authority, aka Ferguson, MO. It is not a black/white issue, it is an issue of tyranny.

Gary Lee Yarbrough

United States Prisoner Max

Florence, CO