Dear Susan Marie,

I love you, sweetness. These 5 pages will inform others of how the Department of Just-Us utilizes artifice, feigns ignorance and /or incompetence it because they can’t justify their actions.

This latest “Notice of Action” regarding my appeal to the parole commission claims that the sentencing judges court mandated parole date of November 23, 2014 is my “parole eligibility date”, not my two-thirds date, and not my “Presumptive Parole Date”. Wrong on all three claims, as the documents enclosed verify my “assertions”. The parole hearing examiner in 2009 recommended a 5 year presumptive Parole date of November 23rd, 2014, which is the exact same date as the court mandated parole date of 30 years: November 23,2014 is my “two-thirds date of 30 years according to the code of Federal Regulations 28 CFR 2.53 for any sentence over 45 years”. This same mandate applies to my 2 remaining co-defendants as well. That 2009 recommendation was approved by the parole commission on Oct 3, 2009.

According to the very first “Progress Report” dated Feb. 27, 1987 my “Two-thirds date” is November 23, 2014, and I became eligible for parole on November 23, 1994 (see Box 12 and 13 on RPT).

Also, the “Sentence Monitoring Date” sheet does not indicate parole eligibility at November 23, 2014, but at November 23, 1994; and a “presumptive parole date” of November 23, 2014, twice as well as a “Projected satisfaction date of November 23, 2014”.

The “Notice of Action” dated September 19, 2012 was generated 2 years after the parole commission vacated the November 23, 2014 “Presumptive Parole Date”, and it cites the code of Federal Regulations Title 28 CFR. 2. 53. The 30 year two-thirds date of November 23, 2014 is still in effect as of September 19, 2012. I did not receive the “review” approximately 9 months prior to the two-thirds date of November 23, 2014 as required by this Federal Regulation, that is, the parole commission has not justified keeping me incarcerated beyond that November 2014 date. To justify this, the parole commission must show a “reasonable probability” that I would commit a Federal, state, or local crime, or that I have frequently and seriously violated the rules of the institution. They cannot show either one. So they simply stall and play stupid to delay our release. The trust is, we are kept in prison to silence us, to hide us away in their dungeon, to isolate, segregate, and alienate us.

Instead of addressing my issue of co-defendant disparity, i.e., why am I considered a “White Supremacist” and 4 released co-defendants are not, they are paroled and I get a 15 year set-off based solely upon this distorted label. Instead, they drag up a 45 year old prior conviction and juvenile delinquency. And just what is the “gravity” of my offense behavior? Didn’t the sentencing court consider that when it established my two-thirds date at 30 years, i.e., November 23, 2014? When these despotic wrenches acknowledge their culpability and tyrannical behavior that culminated in my offense behavior, I will acknowledge the gravity of mine. Thirty-three years in prison seems pretty grave to me! I owe the authorities nothing!

Gary Lee Yarbrough