Gary has been writing a woman, who has a website called Mourning the Ancients. She put some of Gary’s stuff on her website and has a Free Gary Yarbrough image. I should’ve checked out this website once Gary mentioned it, but my computer was down and I stay short on time. My husband generally can read people pretty easily; however, Molly, who has Mourning the Ancients manipulated and lied to my husband. She told Gary that her website was about ‘historical re-enactments.”

I posted her link on my Facebook page the other day, and started getting some negative feedback, so I checked it out myself. I really should have checked it out myself, but I was short on time, as always (I learned a lesson, I will start checking things out). This website borders on being pornography, and has some Satanic BS in it. There is a difference in between being Pagan, and just being crazy, way out there. In one of her videos, she shows a baby being drained of blood…trust me when I say when my husband hears of this, he will be LIVID! It is in this video about the 34 minute mark, that is shows the re-enactment of a baby being drained of blood. My husband or myself do not approve of any of this. The over usage of nudity in her photos or this twisted crap that belongs on a serial killer website. We do not need people like her in the Movement, this is not what we are about!

She has deceived and lied to Gary. She had him believing her website was based on “historical re-enactments”. I am at fault, I should have checked her out sooner. A letter and print out of some of the stuff on her website is on it’s way to Gary, so he can write something because he had no clue what was actually on her website, he has no internet access. He was going by her psychotic word.

I have given Molly 24 hours to remove any reference to Gary from her website. But until Gary has the chance to speak for himself, I am speaking for him. He had no clue any of this stuff was on there. It is sad, because Molly is a good writer and intelligent; however, none of this twisted crap has a place in the Movement. So, here is proper notice that Gary Lee Yarbrough or myself do not have any association whatsoever with Molly or Mourning the Ancients.