Gary called Thanksgiving Day. He is still not getting medical care and does not have his CPAP machine, because they are not allowed at Florence ADX. I have several different things coming up, and I am working on several more letter campaigns, which I will have updated on here tomorrow.

Gary is not in Florence SuperMax because of any disciplinary. He is at Florence ADX because of imaginary separations, which he talks about in Jucidial Anomy

I wonder if tax payers know how much they are paying to house a non-disciplinary prisoner in a SuperMax? According to the ACLU, “In that year, the daily cost per inmate at the federal supermax facility ADX Florence is approximately $216.12, compared with
$85.74 for the general population. In addition, construction costs for ADX
Florence were $60 million – over $122,000 per bed.”  Those costs noted per prisoner, is per day!!!! American taxpayers are paying this outrageous costs through their taxes, to house a non-disciplinary prisoner in a SuperMax facility, all based on made up reasons!

But I will be working on several letter campaigns and putting some info together that will show how much medical neglect Gary is suffering from. You can find out about his medical issues here. 

Since that, he has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and they are denying his a CPAP machine, and Gary could die in his sleep. Here is his paperwork that shows how many times he is stopping breathing at night.