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The following is a lot of paperwork on and done by Gary. There is this one particular officer, Lt. A. Kelley, who is always trying to get Gary in trouble. Kelley even took pictures of Gary’s deceased daughter and labeled them as “gang photos” and took all of them. I had to send him more pictures of Annette. This is documentation of how they try to give him grief. This one officer, Lt. Kelley, tried to give Gary a shot for having “wine” in his cell. Gary ended up beating the write up because he didn’t have “wine.” He has no possible way to get yeast at ADX…he is brought his trays. The officer was going by a “fruity smell.” She ended up having to re-write the write up three times to try to make her story stick, but Gary ended up proving his innocence. Here is all the proof. Lt. Kelley has purposely set out to give Gary grief. At one point, she was the one in the mail room and was rejecting and messing with the incoming and outgoing mail.

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In Memory of Bob Mathews

Gary mailed me this little unknown story about Bob to remember Bob on December 8th, Martyr’s Day. The day that Bob gave his life for his Folk. Gary wrote it out the best he could with his eyesight. I will type it up in the next day or so, because I have more stuff that Gary sent me about the hell they are putting him through. In memory of Robert J Mathews…you are missed.


Been hearing that people are trying to dispute the internet affected Gary’s parole. Well, here it is in black and white from the BOP, and there are many posts on this website that explain this, in Gary’s own handwriting. It states specifically that websites affected his parole, and even some were named.