I got this piece of crap letter from the DOJ…they basically said they have no jurisdiction over the BOP.


However, I did some research and I found that I might have better luck writing the Office of the Inspector General. Gary called Thursday and they have still done nothing for his sleep apnea or his cataracts. Something has to be done. Withholding medical treatment is illegal, so we are going to try writing the Inspector General. I am providing the sample letter and address (there is also an email)

The snail mail address is

Office of the Inspector General

US Department of Justice

Investigation Division

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Room 4706

Washington, DC 20530

The email is oig.hotline@usdoj.gov

Here is the sample letter

Dear Office of the Inspector General,

I am writing in reference to a prisoner in Florence ADX in Florence, Colorado. His name is Gary Lee Yarbrough #09883-016, and he is being denied serious medical treatment that he is in need of. The main concern is that he has sleep apnea and he is being denied a CPAP machine at ADX. They say they cannot have a CPAP machine there because it is a supermax facility, so they are just doing nothing to treat him. Additionally, he has cataracts, which are really affecting his vision. He hardly has any vision left. He also has Hemochromatosis, which he needs a bloodletting at least twice a month or his high iron levels could also kill him. They might take him for his blood lettings every 3 or 4 months. Additionally, he has aneurysms

I have contacted the prison, the warden, and the Department of Justice. The warden did not even reply back to me. Gary is in desperate need of medical attention. They are seriously neglecting his health and need for medical treatment. If something does not happen soon, Mr. Yarbrough could die from medical neglect. It is the federal government’s responsibility to give Mr. Yarbrough medical treatment while he is in custody.

Could you please look into this matter?