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Write the Attorney General

Before I deactivate Gary’s blog, I am asking one last time for people to please write the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions for Gary. Here is the link to do the email, and I am providing a sample letter below to put in there.

Link to email Jeff Sessions

I am writing in reference to a prisoner in Florence ADX in Florence, Colorado. His name is Gary Lee Yarbrough #09883-016, and he is being denied serious medical treatment that he is in need of. The main concern is that he has severe sleep apnea and he is being denied a CPAP machine at ADX. They say they cannot have a CPAP machine there because it is a supermax facility, so they are just doing nothing to treat him. Additionally, he has cataracts, which are really affecting his vision. He is so blind from cataracts that he cannot read his mail, file any remedy forms, or write his loved ones and friends. He also has Hemochromatosis, which he needs a bloodletting at least twice a month or his high iron levels could also kill him. They might take him for his blood lettings every 3 or 4 months. Additionally, he has aneurysms and now has tumors in his abdomen. He has lost 33 lbs in about a month, is to weak to get out of his bed, and is suffering.

I have contacted the prison, the warden, and the Department of Justice. The warden did not even reply back to me. Gary is in desperate need of medical attention. They are seriously neglecting his health and need for medical treatment. If something does not happen soon, Mr. Yarbrough could die from medical neglect. It is the federal government’s responsibility to give Mr. Yarbrough medical treatment while he is in custody.

Could you please look into this matter?

In closing..saying good byes

I will be deactivating this blog in the next few days. Gary called tonight. He called a few weeks ago, with a bulge in his stomach, not being able to eat or sleep, and dramatically losing weight. The prison thought it was a hernia, when it is his abdomen full of tumors. He is weak, to weak for me to even get in a visit. He called again tonight. He wants me to cease all public activism and take down this blog…he wants his last days to be able to be with loved ones. He loves all folk, but it is time for him to spend these last days on Earth being with his immediate family and wife, as much as they will allow us to. His fight is over. I have always said that Gary would fight for his folk until his dying breath, and he has. His time grows short. My heart is broken. I feel helpless that I couldn’t get him the medical treatment he needed and that I couldn’t get him home.

He has lost 33 lbs, is to weak to get out of bed, and I can tell by his voice. He told me tonight that his fight is over.

Many do not realize it or probably even care, but his continual fighting for his folk and doing this blog, has caused him alot of retaliation from the BOP, especially ADX. That never bothered him, he kept fighting. But tonight he told me he can’t do it anymore…he’s to sick, and wants to be with his loved ones. So, the battle is over, so maybe they will at least be part human, stop the retaliation, and let him spend his last days in a better facility, being able to see his loved ones.

Please keep Gary in your prayers. He is truly suffering….

You can write and give him encouragement, but he is to sick to write back. If you do write, please write large because of his eye sight. Let him know he is appreciated and loved.