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The prison just called me. They told me to get myself and Gary’s immediate family to the prison. They are arranging a special visit because Gary is on his way to leaving this Earth. The counselor is calling me back in the morning to let me know the special visit is being set up because Gary is to sick to make it to the visiting room so special arrangements are being made. Please light a candle or say a prayer for him. My heart is breaking, as is many other people’s.

An Update on Gary

Gary called today. He sounded more positive, which is a good thing. Anybody who knows Gary, knows he is a very positive person, and when he’d lost that positivity the last phone call, my heart sank. They still haven’t biopsied his tumors, and anybody who knows anything about cancer, knows that every day counts. He’s had this massive amount of tumors for months, and every day truly does count. We can all pray that they aren’t cancerous. He did sound a little better and told me it isn’t over with yet. That sounded more like my Gary!!!!

Additionally, they still haven’t gotten his cataracts fixed. They had an appointment to take him for cataract surgery but didn’t keep it. It wasn’t Gary. Gary didn’t deny the appointment for some reason, they just didn’t take him.

Please keep Gary in your prayers. I’m trying hard to get him help! It’s not over! I will keep having hope!