Even though Gary is gone, I still try to support our prisoners. The three men arrested from Charlottesville: Jacob Goodwin, Alex Ramos, and Daniel Bordon have struggled. They were given an attorney by TWP (who signed the contract) and who also done fund-raising, but kept the money. It is so sad when support for our prisoners are done like that. So, I’m either going to do an auction or raffle for these 3 men to help pay their legal fees, or for whatever they need the money for. The funds raised will be divided among the three men. I will post once I decide if I’m going to do a raffle or an auction. But this is the handkerchief¬†that Gary made, and is what I am going to auction off or raffle off.

Disclaimer: Because I am doing this does not mean that these men support Gary’s views and they are not associated with Gary. I’m doing this to help raise funds for them.