It has been three months since Gary left this world for a much better place; however, he is yet to have a resting place. I had promised Gary that I would see to it that this cairn is built. It isn’t just a cairn for Gary, it is a cairn for Folk. I have soil with Bob Mathews and David Lane’s ashes that will be added to the cairn. Gary said no rush on getting the cairn together, but it has bothered me that it hasn’t been built yet, so I’m doing it myself. I will, however, be looking for property somewhere in the Ozarks to permanently build this Folk Cairn. This is just its temporary home, so that people can come and pay their respects to Gary, Bob, and David Lane. The only ashes I don’t have is those of Bruce Pierce. Here is the area, pre-cairn. I will add pictures once it is completely put together. Anybody who wishes to visit, that I do not know, will have to be checked out. Additionally, if any antifa or SPLC try to gain access to the cairn, this is on PRIVATE property and there are motion lights and security cameras. I will not allowed this to be destroyed or the ashes stolen. The ashes will be in a stone urn on the cairn.