When I wrote the previous article about the Church of Israel , I did so for a reason. Gary died horribly and painfully..he was murdered by the BOP. They also let him die in a hospice so I would have to pay for the autopsy, which they knew I couldn’t do…they got away with murder. I have watched many suffer over the years, and those who betrayed them seem to be “blessed” and to prosper. After watching Gary die so horribly, I begin to doubt if there was true justice in this world. Why had those who had stood true been so persecuted and harassed? Where was their justice?

As I found out more and more about the Gayman’s and how they weren’t what they seemed to put on to people…they are not about Christian Identity (they have even changed the name to Christian Israelites and watered it down). They are about their pockets and their “empire” of buying up most of Schell City, MO. But to have one’s own child do betrayal, is the worst thing that could ever happen to a person!


I can now rest knowing that Yahweh has those who betray other and lie and deceive our Folk…and make a living off ripping off people, will be dealt with. Also, just because something claims to be a Christian Identity church, it isn’t. Just because somebody claims to be a Christian means 0…words speak nothing and actions speak everything…and Gary died with his honor and loyalty. He stayed true, through everything, until he drew his last breath…..