I exposed Travis and Kevin last week. Even if the merchandise had been real, they pocketed the money! They did not ask the Bruders permission or even send the Bruders any of the money! It all went in Travis and Kevin’s pockets. Oh yeah, they made a video showing flyers that they supposedly bought! They do flyers so people think they are being activist and will send them money! They are using the Movement as their cash cow!

But since I have hit them in their pocket and affected their auctions, they are putting my number public and having people put me on telemarketer lists! This is what antifa does! This shows Kevin and Travis Golie’s real colors! Here is my evidence. The facebook profile is Travis Golie’s…he uses a fake name! So this is what people can do? Do these immature tactics and still be allowed to stay and be so-called WLM? NO decent White folk does the things they are doing. We need to rid our Noble Cause of idiots like this!