I just wanted to thank everybody for coming together for Gary Yarbrough’s legal fund. Europe has been amazing! They have really pulled together some funds! Americans have also been a part of the action to. It is so amazing that from the United States to Europe, people are coming together to get this man home! It won’t take too much more before we are at the $5,000 goal-maybe around $1,500. However, then we have to come up with the next $2,500 to cover the complete amount of $7,500, but after what I have seen these last few days, I know we will get there! I got permission from the brothers in Sweden to post pictures of the blot and naming ceremony they had, and also raised legal funds for Gary at. Thank you Richard, Johan, and all your comrades! All of us working together, we will get Gary home! Thanks to everybody who has helped Gary! I was able to email the attorney and tell him that the funds are coming together to be prepared to get to work soon! Let’s keep up the good work and get Gary home!

Besides Europe coming together for Gary, Americans are also showing their support. Different events for Martyr’s Day raised money for Gary. An event in California and the actual Martyr’s Day at Whidbey Island, Washington, where Bob Mathews was murdered, also raised money for Gary.

It is so exciting to see our brothers and sisters come together for Gary Yarbrough! It shows that we can stand in Unity, even with the big pond between us. To know that we can stand together on an important issue! ¬†Below are pictures of the Blot in Sweden, the Martyr’s Day gather in California, and the Martyr’s Day gathering in Whidbey Island, Washington. Very good job Kinsmen! We can get Gary home!

For Gary 3 For Gary For Gary2

The Martyr’s Day gathering in California, where money was raised for Gary’s Legal Fund


Here are some brothers and sisters who went to Martyr’s Day at Whidbey Island, Washington to honor Bob Mathews at the place he was murdered by the government. RIP Bob Mathews

Sisters and brothers getting together for Martyr's Day at Whidbey Island to honor Bob Mathews

Sisters and brothers getting together for Martyr’s Day at Whidbey Island to honor Bob Mathews

Once again I would like to thank everybody for their support….TOGETHER we will get Gary home!