I got word the other day that a POW flag, which was suppose to have flown on the Mathews land by Bob and Lane’s ashes was for auction. I made some phone calls and sent the image of the so called POW flag to people. This flag had never been there, and as you can see by the image, it has never seen a day of weather. Any how, this specific POW design hasn’t been in production but a few years! The people doing this fake auction was Travis Golie and Kevin Harris. I even told them that the flag was fake, but they still auctioned it off! I got wind of more auctions coming so I contacted the Bruders, and here is their say on it:

This is Richard Scutari’s response: Hello Sister: this is the response I got from Richard…Hi! I do not remember anyone named Golie or Harris. It is possible that I knew them in the pass by another name or even the name they are using. But one thing is for sure, I do not have any knowledge of anyone authorizing he use of our name or the auctioning off our stuff. Are they trying to claim the profits will go to us??? If Debbie says it is bull, then I tend to believe it is bull. Check with Tate and Dewey. If they say it is bull then ya’ll need to put the word out that people are trying to scam them. If anyone has a doubt about this, all they need to do is contact one of us. — You take care and have a joyous Yule Season. L&R, Richard

This is David Tate’s response: This is David Tate’s exact words that he sent to me in an email “Even IF it was legitimate historical memorabilia there’s no way it should be auctioned outside diehard Folk. Something that mundane, not even produced by our Folk, is clearly false. I seriously doubt Debbie had a POW/MIA flag flying on her property…but there’s no way I’d know, just don’t see it going to idiots.
There was a time Gary and I both would have held up movement signs to display our activism, but not to impede traffic. Today I’m for activism with limits. No more uniforms, get ups or outrageous T’s, just be the real everyday people we are wherever we present ourselves. You can’t reach people unless they can relate to you. If you’re unrelatable then all you’ll attract are “unrelateables.” Did I just coin a new term?”
David knows Debbie even better than I do. I have talked to her and know for a FACT she would never give anything from Bob or her place away! She has been very reclusive and this BS here is why!!!

Also here is where David Lane kicked Travis Golie to the curb MANY years ago…what is this idiot still doing around! Link here

Anybody who participates in these fake auctions, has zero respect for the Bruders or zero integrity. Our movement needs to be purged of these profiteers like Golie and Harris. “Profiteers” are what Gary Lee Yarbrough would have called them! The money made off these fake Order items wouldn’t have gone back into the Movement! The funds were going into their pockets because none of these idiots work! The Movement is their cash cow! The Bruders sacrificed ALL for our NOBLE CAUSE and things like this do not need to happen! For people to profit off their names and sacrifice!!!

Here is an image of the supposed POW flag that they auctioned off. You can tell it has not seen one day of weather. It is a cheap flag and would have weathered quickly!