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Just keep watching

Wow, was just looking at the stats for this website, and the SPLC has been on this website more than I have LOL. And, I manage this website. I know what they are looking for, and they will not find it. Gary’s cairn and service is being kept very quiet. It is sad that a true Folk hero can’t have his monument and service open to all who want to come, because antifa and the SPLC would ruin it…and they call us the “evil, hateful” ones! So, keep watching, but you will never know 🙂 Also, when the legal battle starts, there will not be a trace of it on the internet either 🙂 So, quit wasting your time, and maybe do something productive, like report on how criminal the BOP is. This Brett guy told Gary he was a prison activist, but Gary knew not to trust him. One of the SPLC articles that Brett did on Gary, one of the libtards even said that I needed to euthanize my grandson, since he is autistic. Wow, they are such lovely people…..

My husband has only been deceased for three week, yet these idiots will not let me have a break to grieve my husband. That is ok though, Natural Law will make sure karma is served, and this I truly believe with all my heart!

I’m talking to an attorney about a wrongful death suit against the BOP, and the attorney thinks I have a very good case. Gary had saved all his medical paperwork, and had gotten a lot of it to me. I have proof that Gary suffered horribly, including neglect of taking him to his bloodlettings and slow playing diagnosing his cancer. I will have justice for my husband. Gary also documented all the suffering he went through to go with his medical paperwork. Gary was a very good record keeper, and he made sure to document every thing they did to make him suffer. It was the BOP’s legal responsibility to give my husband medical care. They neglected this, and this is highly illegal.

Much a do about nothing really, it does not take a bunch of “philosophers, theologians, and scientists” for anyone to realize that free will is myth! Common sense dictates this fact. In fact, there is no such thing as “freedom” nor “equality” either, never has been, never will be. There is only the next best thing Natural Law. Firstly, if one merely accepts what philosophers and theologians say without searching out the truth of the matter, one deserves to be duped by the likes of these, who are largely members of one secret society or another looking to exploit mankind to suit their own nefarious agenda.

Stephen Cave notes the effects of “cause and effect” as being the root of human behavior, it takes no scientist to understand the very simple workings of Natural Law. Even the simple minded man knows that if one jumps off a precipice, he will be harmed or killed. The Natural Law of gravity dictates so. Free will? The choice between life and death is not really an option is it? Another law of nature is the will to survive, the fight to live! It is natural instinct. It is the philosophers, the theologians, and scientists, the “authorities” and ersat societies that distort and complicate life. And no, we are not better off believing the lie, because the culmination of the lie is coming, that is the so-called “moral liberty” to discern and pursue the good instead of being compelled by appetites and desires. Here again, it is not a choice of free will, it is again “cause and effect”. Cause and effect is the built-in fail safe device of Natural Law.

The cause is: we have neglected to follow and enforce the laws of nature and its Creator. The effect is: the chastening rod of correction, which comes in the form of tribulation. Which will cause us to search out the ill effects and return to the right and the good. This will, and is, happening now in America and the world. For every action, there is a reaction. God is NOT dead, God’s work is unfolding now as “cause and effect.” We will overcome our circumstances and fulfill our destiny. “Free Will” is the lie created by crooks and thieves, who sought to usurp our Natural rights to life, liberty, and happiness, to usurp our individual sovereignty. We are not free to do as we please. We are individual units of one whole entity, and obligated to that whole being. That is what a bonafide naturally ordained “society” is. And yes, though politically incorrect to say so, genetics, seed, is the most important aspect in this destiny. And so it goes…

Gary Lee Yarbrough

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Dear Editor, “Letters” Section,

Very interesting article on the Megalithic culture and builders in the Orkney Islands. I am fascinated by the Megaliths the world over. An amazing fact about the complex in Orkney is its abandonment in 2,300 BC, which is the date archaeologist set for the pyramid building culture of Egypt to blossom. It is possible that these two cultures are one and the same people. Egypt, as well as the Orkneys was a well established trade route. It is not unlikely that the Orchadians voyaged down the Eastern coast of Scotland until they spotted the great Menhir Monolith across the English channel on the coast of Brittany in France. This huge monolith, filled by an earthquake, now lies in three pieces, but at one time it was painted white and stood upright, it could be seen across the channel in Brittany. From there, the Orkadian mariners could follow the coast, through the straight of Gibralter to Cairo, never once losing sight of land. It is also interesting to note that the photograph on page 33 shows Neolithic Orkney art incised in stone resembling pyramids. It is of interest that rock art is 6,000 year old in the Sahran desert depicts large rowing vessels created by “cattle herders” like the Orkadians. (1)  Another fascinating piece to the puzzle of who these people are, a fact Roff Smith may argue, is J. McKim Malville’s report in the Journal Nature, reprinted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. (2). Malville stated that 6,000 year old Megalith henges recently discovered in Nabra, Egypt are the oldest documented astronomical alignment of Megaliths in the world, constructed by “cattle herders.” Nabra’s henges are 1,000 years older than the “Stonehenge”near Wiltshire England, and centuries older than the pyramids of Egypt. It is not unreasonable to suggest that the Megalith builders of Orkney abandoned their complex to go aid their kinfolk in building pyramids. Ivemy (3) speculated that the ancient Egyptians built the Stonehenge at Wiltshire when the henge in Egypt failed to predict an eclipse (more like a priestly miscalculation). I agree with archaeologist Nick Card, noted in Smiths article, recent discoveries are turning a lot of pre-history on its head (such as the 6,000 year old white mummies found in Xinjiang, China, where historians claimed no Caucasians had ever been before).

One more relative fact is this, in the Biblical book of Joshua, chapter four, when the children of Israel passed over the Jordan Dry Shod into the promised land, Joshua set up twelve stones as a “memorial to Israel” in a place called “Gilgal,” which means: “stone wheel or stone circle”. Joshua created a henge. Israel was in Egypt before Joshua. And most all Henges, wherever they are found, are next to water. The henge at Nabra, Egypt is on the west side of the Nile in the bottom of a dry lake.

Although politically incorrect to say so today, our history is written in stone, it is difficult to edit stone, it lasts forever. The Orkadians, Ancient Egyptians, Bretons, Celts, Picts, Aryans, and the children of Israel are all one and the same peoples, the Megalith Builders.

  1. “The Guardian” April 5, 2003
  2. “The Atlanta Journal Const.” Sec B April 2, 1998
  3. “The Sphinx and the Megalith” by Ivemy

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I have been busy contacting attorney’s and so-called prisoner/civil rights groups, to just be turned away…why? Because Gary was a White man, who stood proud, but I will not stop. I will not rest until there is #JusticeForGaryYarbrough.

What the BOP did was outright murder him via medical neglect. The BOP was legally responsible for his health care, I even told Regional office this, when I called them. I will search the world over until I do find somebody. Murder is illegal…their neglect of Gary was illegal.

The man that was laying in that hospice bed was just a shadow of the man he was before. Gary maybe weighed 100 lbs and was so weak that he couldn’t sit up on his own. How to ADMAX let him get to this shape? Myself and others have been trying for close to a year to get him in a medical facility for half way decent health care.

The SPLC and other hate groups continue to crucify my husband, after his horrible suffering. If they were even remotely human, they would cover how the BOP is criminal and would cover the suffering my husband endured. So-called reporters just want to paint him as an evil man, when he was just a man who stood for what he believed. If they were real reporters, they would cover the corruption and abuse of the BOP, which is all documented on this website. But, no, they are too scared to do the right thing.

If Gary had been anything besides a proud White man, I would have help knocking my door down. This HAS to change!

Now that my husband is gone, I can really fight this. I always held back some because I knew everything I did, they would retaliate on him. Also, I have proof that the BOP caused his death by medical negligence. To get this battle started, to make sure that no more of our prisoners suffer, we need to first do the petition. I’m also calling attorneys who can help with a wrongful death suit.

All this takes from you is to sign this petition and share it. We need as many signatures as possible. All it takes is a few minutes of your time. It takes voices to make change…not a voice but voices. And if we don’t use our voices, change will never happen.  If we don’t take a stance, our Folk, that is behind ZOGs walls, will continue to be abused and murdered. And those people behind those walls don’t have a voice, we are their voice. So take just 5 minutes out of your day to help our prisoners. One day it could be you or me behind those walls.


The SPLC, which is a hate group organization that has millions in overseas accounts, is now trying to make it sound like I’m trying to profit off my husband’s death. They seriously need to find something to do with their time. For one, his monument he wanted calls for sandstone, a chair made out of wood, etc. I can’t get these things for free and I don’t expect people to provide them for free. But Gary does deserve to have the monument and memorial he wanted. He sacrificed his life, so this is the least we can do for him.

Additionally, I’m in search of an attorney for a wrongful death suit. The torture and killing of our prisoners has to stop, and I’m willing to take on this battle. The BOP murdered David Lane, Bruce Pierce, and Gary Lee Yarbrough. This has to stop somewhere, and a legal battle costs money. Shirts are being made, and steins will be made soon. In Gary’s last letter, he said that I would need help with cremation, which he didn’t know the BOP would do that. But he also knew his monument and the legal battle I would be taking on would cost money. I promised Gary many times, and on his death bed that I would not let the BOP get away with this, and I will honor my promise. I do everything I can out of my pocket, but I can only cover so much.

But it is time that we stand up for our prisoners. Unless we stand up and our voices heard, they will continue to be tortured and murdered behind those walls. We still have Matt Hale, Richard Scutari, Randy Duey, David Tate, and many others behind those walls that we need to fight for.

The SPLC and other snakes wouldn’t know how to stand up for something good and right, if it slapped them in the face. As far as Brett, the reporter who keeps writing this crap (and wrongly wrote Gary was separating from the movement, when he was just separating from his co-defendants to protect them), can’t even read Gary’s letters right to understand them correctly. As I previously stated, Brett had contacted Gary a few years ago, acting as if he was sympathetic to Gary’s situation and wanted to advocate for him, but Gary didn’t trust him so he sent him my way. I added him to my profile where I advocate for autism, breast cancer, etc. He sat there for years, just watching me post on non-political things. Then he must have been searching Gary’s name and found the Freedom for Gary Yarbrough page on Facebook. And, instead of writing about the neglect and abuse my husband went through, he decided to be a useless SPLC reporter! But my husband always told me that these people have nothing better to do with their time, and they will help keep his memory living on by mentioning him. Even though the articles speak against us, it keeps Gary’s name in the media, and people who don’t know about his situation might learn about it. At this point, any media helps me get Gary’s situation out there. But anybody who knows Gary or myself, knows that we never needlessly raise money. I did the legal fund a few years back to raise money for his parole attorney, which was hired and represented Gary in his 2016 parole. I haven’t asked for any help since or before then. But really to write the kind of articles they have about Gary, since his death, shows their mentality and how truly evil and hateful they are. Comments are made about “pissing on Gary’s grave,” “Gary’s family dislikes him (which isn’t true),” and all sort of other evil crap. These people are truly demons on this Earth.

Unlike libtards, snakes, and SPLC, we take care of our own, and we will make sure that Gary gets the monument and memorial he wanted. We will also make sure that Gary, David Lane, and Bruce Pierce get the justice they deserve. For the BOP be held accountable for what they did to him.

So keep on spewing lies, Brett….

But what is making them mad is they will not know where Gary’s monument and memorial will be so they can destroy it. His monument will be on private property, so even if they ever do figure out where it is, they still won’t have access. Gary’s monument is not just for him but the Folks he loved. He wanted his monument to be a place where our People gather and continually build on his monument. He wanted his monument to be something that brought unity. The SPLC or antis will never have access to this nor will they ever stop it from happening. His monument and memorial will only be announced by word of mouth to those we trust. He wanted it all natural, and there will be an all natural wooden chair there so he can be in the presence of what he fought and died for..his Folk. this monument was meant to continue growing and to bring unity. He wanted to be in the midst of what he loved so much, his People. So kiss our a** SPLC. You will never have access to this to destroy it.

Gary memorial


Myself and others have been doing some research. I have plenty of evidence that they didn’t take Gary for his blood letting for his blood condition, where he naturally built up to much iron. Look at the symptoms, they are everything Gary suffered


Gary also saved evidence of them not taking him to his blood letting, so BOP, your ass will soon be mine. He wrote about it and sent me his blood work. They know I’m coming. From what I’ve heard thru the grapevine is now that the prisoners at ADMAX are getting medical help now. Sorry ADMAX and BOP…it’s a little to late to save Gary. I have documentation of every phone call, email, and letter I sent to try to get him help. I’m coming for you…..

Ok here is the deal on the shirts They are LIMITED edition and are only being ran for 2 months. We will also be offering steins as soon as she orders the steins. For s-xl $25 for xxl and up $28. We are iffy about overseas orders because they are stopping anything movement related but these have nothing racial on them they are just memorial shirts that will help pay for Gary’s service and monument. But any overseas order, contact her at to find out shipping price. All others PayPal either the $25 or $28 dollars depending on size, put size, name and address to ship to on note on PayPal. If you don’t do PayPal, get with Missy at We are only starting off with 50 shirts, so first come, first serve. Then we might do more. The PayPal is The shirt is tan and the lettering is very nice size, as you see

Gary shirt 2Gary shirt 1

More than likely I will have to retain an attorney, and also there is some expense in setting up Gary’s memorial monument. This monument is for Folk. Gary wanted it to be in a place where his Folk could gather and include him. Even though he was denied assembly with his Folk, while in prison, he can be with them in spirit now. So, this monument is being built, so people can have gatherings and such and include him. He wanted it all natural with such things as a wooden chair and sandstone, which these items cost money. This monument will continually grow. When people come to visit him or have an event, Gary would like them to bring stones to add. He wanted to make his monument a unifying marker for his Folk. Above all, Gary always wanted unity for his Folk. He did not want uniforms, religion, or anything else to divide the Folk he loved. The division and infighting has truly broken his heart. He didn’t sacrifice his life for our own to fight with each other over trivial things.

But these T-shirts will help pay for his monument and a wrongful death suit against the BOP. They had completely quit taking him for his bloodletting for hemochromatosis for months now. And, the symptoms Gary was experiencing was related to this. As of when I had last talked to him (besides a special phone call on the way to Colorado) at the first part of March, he was feeling better and sounded better. I’d been trying for months to get him into a medical facility. And, I know my husband…if he would’ve started declining, he would’ve called me and told me. But something happened in those two weeks that happened so quickly that he couldn’t call me. When I had talked to him at the first of March, they still hadn’t done a biopsy and I know they didn’t get one that quick before putting him in hospice. When I got that special call on the way to Colorado, he could barely speak. When I got to Colorado, he couldn’t speak at all. I have never seen a cancer patient that lost the ability to speak; however, extreme iron build up will have stroke like symptoms.

So, now it is time for the BOP and ADMAX to pay for wrongful death. They also have David Lane’s and Bruce Pierce’s blood on their hands. This needs to stop now and I’m going to try my hardest to get justice for all of them by getting justice for Gary.

We will be starting production soon, and I will have price and a paypal set up. come on Folks, we have to make these people be accountable for the murders of these men! It has to stop!

There will also be a justice for Gary website set up.


Gary shirt 2