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You know that Brothers and Sisters protect each other…David Tate came into my life right after Gary passed. The first time David called me, it was the very day I got Gary’s belongings, and was laying on my living room floor crying my heart out, wanting to be with my husband. David has since became one of my best friends, and has sort of watched over me in my journey in being a widow. I got invited to the Church of Israel, but Tate warned me that I was stepping into a den of vipers….but I didn’t listen …guarantee, I will listen to him from now on…but as any older brother, looking after his sister, he felt he needed to remind people that not everybody appears to be who or what they claim to be. As the saying goes, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree…

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I made a trip to Schell City, MO, which I was led there by deceit, which betrayal always begets betrayal. I went to see Tim “Gehmann” (whose name was changed from Gayman, when he went into hiding after snitching on his father, Dan Gayman) and the Church of Israel. First of all (which I have this coming in writing from one of the Bruders with documents to back it up), Dan Gayman ACCEPTED ORDER money and DID NOT Burn it! He testified against the Order (David Lane interviewed him on the stand) and the feds let him keep that money…but oh it goes so much deeper than that.

Sometime in 1979, when he tried to take over the church him and his brother shared, he illegally tried to take it over. While the cops where arresting older women, who were praying for Dan Gayman, he ran out the backdoor like a coward (this will also be covered in the paperwork I am getting.). A coward and a snitch!!! Wow, yet people go to his “Chruch of Israel” and donate money hand over fist!!!

His son, Tim, is no better…he claims Identity but has no clue how sacred a Blood Covenant between a woman and a man is. He has dated married women, had one night stands, and oh, so much more…even falsely promised things to women (audio forthcoming). But oh, Divine Justice is so good…he snitched on his own father…

Evil begets evil…betrayal begets betrayal..

You can go to this website and see the long history of Dan Gayman, who covered up child molestation, has accepted money and then gotten rid of people, and the list goes on and on….yep, sounds like a fake Christian and con man to me….

But as I said, a Bruder is writing up the truth and sending what happened in the Sedition Trials, where Dan Gayman testified against the Order, but yet kept the money they left him. Ooohhh Dan Gayman, karma hasn’t forgotten you….she will have her say!